8 tech-savvy travel apps and websites to save you time

It hasn’t been a bed of roses since the world reopened and travel began again. Long delays, overbooked flights and skyrocketing prices appear to have become the norm, fueled by staff shortages and other post-lockdown pressures.

But techies have found ways to make traveling easier, more comfortable, and less chaotic. With a little research, there are applications that help us overcome difficulties.

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Here now follow the best travel tips from WomenLoveTech offered by websites and apps that can save you time and money with a little research.

www.Thepointsguy.com provides travel industry news, with up-to-date travel deals and its TPG app showing the best ways to earn and maximize rewards and airline miles.

www.Seatguru.com is a web tool that allows you to put in your flight number and will give you information about your seat in much more detail than the diagram the airlines give you.

www.FlightAware.com is real-time worldwide flight traffic information. It will give you up-to-date information about your flight, so you can prepare for cancellations and delays. It also allows you to explore aviation trends.

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Loungebuddy.com is an app where you can buy lounge access around the world, making outings and layovers less stressful.

Apple’s Air Tag https://www.apple.com/us/search/air-tag?src=serp is a wireless tracker that slips into your suitcase and can come in handy if you get lost.

www.joinsherpa.com allows you to get organized before you leave, providing the latest Covid-19 travel requirements.

www.tripit.com is a place to store all your travel plans. It scans your inbox for itineraries, hotel reservations, and car rental reservations, then saves everything in one easy-to-use itinerary.

You can check out luxury travel magazines like Signature Luxury Travel for stories like the one below about high-tech luggage that feature bags that weigh themselves or lock when pushed away from you and let you track them from wherever you are. . world from your smartphone.

Also always download the app of any hotel to manage your reservation. If you have a delayed flight, it will allow you to make sure that your reservation is not lost.

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