Alienware Ultrawide OLED Monitor Takes Gaming to a Whole New Level

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The Alienware 34-inch Ultrawide OLED Monitor (model number AW3423DW) is the best display I’ve ever used, completely transforming my gaming experience when gaming and working on my home PC setup.

Not in every review I say something so exaggerated, but it’s hard to stress how good Alienware’s new monitor is.

Every box has been checked with the new monitor from Alienware. It’s an OLED, it’s huge, it offers 4K resolution (21:9, QHD 3440 x 1440 at 175 Hz) and it’s ultra-wide, with a 1ms refresh rate. There’s not much else this monitor can pack at the moment: 4K monitors aren’t as common as 2K and 1080p options, ultrawide screens are few and far between, and there are even fewer OLED monitors available in Australia.

But Alienware’s new monitor is all of these things, and it does so at a price that doesn’t really seem too outrageous. Let’s get into it.

Jump at the speed of light

First, let’s talk about the OLED. OLED is a different technology from LCD, the technology behind most displays today. The main draw of OLED is that the pixels only light up when needed, whereas LCD screens have each pixel constantly on.

Because of this, OLED screens can display much better dark tones and blacks, which really comes into their own when playing games with a lot of darkness, like Ghost Recon: Wild Lands Y Force horizon 5. Seriously, it’s hard to show how good the darkness is in these games, but if you ever get a chance to see an OLED gaming screen in action, go for it. The persistent illuminated darkness you might expect from an LCD panel simply doesn’t exist on this screen.

This Alienware monitor is actually quite unique in offering an OLED panel because the technology isn’t widely available in gaming monitors. It’s much more popular with newer TVs, but only recently have monitors started using OLED. Another notable recent entrant into the OLED monitor space is the new ASUS monitor, though it’s not ultrawide.

However, one of the main criticisms of OLED displays is pixel burn-in. This is absolutely something to worry about, although Alienware does offer a three-year warranty, in case you’re worried about damage. Alienware is pretty sure your screen won’t burn-in easily and if you press the power button on the right of the monitor you can do a pixel refresh to prevent burn-in. Think of it as a maintenance routine for when you’re not using the screen.

While results may differ with long-term use, I’ve been using the screen for the past two weeks and haven’t noticed a single case of burn-in, even with constant, persistent gaming HUD and visuals on the screen (such as the scroll bar). Google Chrome tasks and tabs).

Which, a little side note, this monitor is also great for productivity. I can work quite efficiently on this thing with two separate Chrome windows open on one screen. Even if you had a window open that took up the entire screen, you would still be able to see both left and right. I’m not sure if it’s worth the price rather than just a big screen, but the ultrawide aspect ratio has been great for my work.

alienware ultra wide oled
Yes, it has RGB on the back. Image: Dell

the mothership

this monitor is enormous, but since it’s ultrawide, it’s hard to get a good idea of ​​how big it is compared to a standard monitor. To clear that up, here’s how big it is next to my 32-inch Gigabyte monitor, which is already bigger than you might be used to.

alienware ultra wide oled
Left: The Gigabyte M32U, playing a Twitch stream. Right: Alienware Ultrawide OLED, gaming force horizon 5. Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

Yes, it is less tall, but keep in mind that it is also curved and wider. That’s fantastic and not always brilliant. Also, note how much the stand tilts back – this monitor would certainly be less impressive on a small desk (it was almost too big for mine).

Back on the ultrawide screen, grab force horizon 5, for example, which offers ultra-wide support outside of menus (this is the game pictured above). Driving around Mexico in a car, playing games online and competing in races, the ultrawide monitor added quite a bit of fun to the experience compared to my standard screen.

Explore in games like Ghost Recon: Wild Lands Y Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla It was also enhanced by this giant screen, giving you great views of the open-world landscape.

A similar experience was provided in both cult of the lamb Y skates, Two new standalone games with great ultra-wide support and unique art styles. While I won’t say the ultrawide aspect made the experience much better than a standard screen, it was great to be able to see more to the left and right.

However, not everything is perfect in the ultrawide world. Some games don’t have native ultrawide support, like Fall Guys, rendering the large sides of the screen unusable when gaming. This is often due to multiplayer balance reasons (a user with an ultrawide monitor may have an advantage over one without), but this is slowly becoming the case.

These days, even intense competitive multiplayer games like valuing Supports ultra wide resolutions. While it is common that the game you want to play Will having support breaks the immersion when you don’t. If you’re considering an ultrawide monitor for a specific game, find out if that game supports ultrawide resolutions.

alienware ultra wide oled
Fall Guys. Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

Home phone

The 34-inch Alienware Ultrawide OLED Monitor is a great display for gaming. While I don’t have anything exciting to say about the feel of the curved monitor (it’s really nothing special compared to a flat monitor), having an OLED gaming monitor feels amazing. The fact that it is ultra wide is the icing on the cake.

But make no mistake: this is a monitor for serious gaming enthusiasts and not budget gamers (and another note: some consoles don’t offer ultrawide support).

I absolutely recommend Alienware’s Ultrawide OLED display, but only if you can afford it. I doubt OLED monitors will remain expensive forever, however for now they’re not exactly affordable.

This is one of the best monitors on the market right now just for the OLED panel and as similar displays are released I suspect this monitor will be quite popular with them.

Where can I buy Alienware Ultrawide OLED?

Amazon $2,299 | JB HI-FI $2,299 | Dell$2299

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