Another new PS5 model is launching very soon, which should allow for faster console production

has been revealed by japanese retailers that Sony will release a third PS5 model in the coming weeks, with the new CFI-1200 model launching in Japan on September 15 (the same day as the price hike in Japan).

We have no concrete information on what this new model will add/change, but there has been speculation that an upcoming PS5 model will use a new 6nm AMD chipset. Because this is a newer chip, its availability should be much better and it will allow Sony to produce PS5 consoles at a much faster rate.

Although the chipset is quite different from the custom 7nm AMD CPU already in the PS5, no major performance changes are expected, and Sony made the change solely for production efficiency.

At this exact point last year, Sony released a new PS5 model dubbed the CFI-1102A and with this new model came a 300 gram weight reduction as well as a new screw for the stand that didn’t require the use of a screwdriver.

Interestingly, Australia was the first country to get the new model last time, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this in the next stock drop in the next week or so.

It’s worth mentioning that despite Sony saying the PS5 price increase would happen immediately, people who picked up their PS5s over the weekend were charged the launch price. The price increase goes into effect on September 15 in Japan (the same day the new model drops), so we suspect that perhaps Australia will see the same price increase every time the new model arrives in Australia too.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this new PS5 model and when it arrives in Australia.

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