Apple wallet hack surprises an iPhone user whose battery died while traveling and had no cash

When Apple Pay launched in 2014, millions of users around the world began leaving their wallets at home and using a digital copy of their cards to pay.

While iPhone users were quick to embrace the technological advancement, many wondered: would you be out of cash if your mobile phone ran out of battery?

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Anastasia Koss reveals how to use Apple Pay when your phone has no battery

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Thanks to a viral TikTok by 28-year-old Anastasia Koss, we now know.

With the video topping 4.4 million views, the woman has figured out the trick of electronic payments, even when her phone’s battery has run out.

Relying heavily on the Apple Pay system, Koss, like many others, rarely carries cash, opting instead for the handy e-wallet.

TikTok user Anastasia Koss reveals a little-known secret about Apple Pay. Credit: jam press

But he found himself panicking when using Hong Kong’s underground transportation system, until a friendly stranger offered him some advice.

virtual payments

“I always worried about what would happen if my phone crashed and I didn’t have cash or my card, as I don’t like to carry cash,” Koss told NeedToKnow.Online.

“I got to the turnstile to scan and realized I was stuck. I saw a long line of people waiting at the customer service desk to buy tickets and no one could help me.

“In a panic, I thought maybe someone could help me scan myself outside the turnstile with their card, so I turned to a passing man and asked if he could scan me.

“Then he told me that if my Octopus card (contactless payment card) is connected to my Apple Wallet, I could still use it even if my phone doesn’t work.

“I didn’t believe him and after trying it, it worked!

“I was shocked. I thought how strange it was not to be aware of this feature and how we rely on our phones so much in everyday situations.”

Once Koss was home, he went online to investigate how his virtual payment was approved despite not having a charge on his phone.

Anastasia revealed her advice on how to use Apple Pay when her phone battery died. Credit: jam press

“The NFC chip on the card stays active if you have something called Express Mode set up,” he said.

“All this time I had no idea!”

According to tech giant Apple, this feature is also available in Australia:

If iOS isn’t running because the iPhone needs to be charged, there may still be enough battery power to support Express Card transactions. Compatible iPhone devices automatically support this feature with:

  • A payment or transit card designated as the Express Transit Card
  • Student ID cards with Express Mode enabled
  • Car keys with express mode activated
  • Home keys with Express Mode enabled
  • Hotel or corporate access cards with Express Mode enabled

viral account

“Since I am a content creator, I decided to share my TikTok experience when I got home,” Koss said.

“I thought it might help other people too, if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.”

The video went viral, with people around the world preparing to try it out at train stations in their own city, or to make purchases after their phone battery died.

The video shows Koss holding his phone, with the caption: “Me today when I found out I can still use Apple Pay even when my phone dies.”

Many viewers expressed their surprise.

“OH WHAT?!” wrote one.

“In case anyone doesn’t know, you can also use it without wifi or data!” someone else said.

“I knew it worked when I had no data or internet, but I didn’t know it worked if I was dead! Going to try this out by buying train tickets,” one eager TikTok user wrote.

Koss says she’s not so worried now if her phone dies, since different forms of electronic payment are accepted almost everywhere.

She’s also happy she shared the trick, as she feels it can be useful for women in particular.

“I think for women this is comforting in a way,” she said.

“If your phone breaks, you can still get off the train or bus, and you don’t feel stuck and have to ask people for help.”

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