Apple Watch 8 pre-orders: rumored date and prices

The next Apple event is only a few days away, and the next big Apple event will take place on Wednesday, September 7. If Apple carries on with tradition, an Apple Watch 8 is likely to make its debut alongside a new batch of iPhones. That means Apple Watch 8 pre-orders could start as early as Friday, September 9.

As usual, Apple is keeping quiet about its rumored smartwatch. However, we have no doubt that it will make it to our list of the best smartwatches. The new watch is expected to include a flat edge redesign. It could also include a 2-inch screen with a 50mm model. It’s also likely that a full version of watchOS 9 will be available soon after Apple Watch 8 pre-orders begin.

As for the price of the Apple Watch 8, it remains a mystery. However, it’s worth noting that Apple has kept the same pricing structure for a number of years now, meaning the Apple Watch 8 could start at $399 for the base model (41mm).

We’re hoping early Apple Watch 8 pre-orders can save a few bucks or include credits and freebies. So we’re rounding up the latest Apple Watch 8 news along with our predictions for the first kinds of Apple deals we’re expecting to see once the launch event is over on September 7.

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Apple Watch 8 pre-orders: expected prices

Nobody knows how much Apple will charge for the new Apple Watch 8. However, $399 is a safe bet for the base model. The current-gen Apple Watch 7 starts at $399 for the base 41mm model with GPS. The price goes up to $429 for the 45mm Apple Watch 7. Cellular models increase to $499 and $529 respectively for the two size options.

However, there is a strong rumor that we could see an Apple Watch 8 Pro. This premium model will be a more rugged watch aimed at athletes or anyone looking for a watch to match their intense workouts. The new watch could also include satellite connectivity. It will be designed to compete with Garmin devices. In terms of price, it could start as high as $999.

Apple Watch 8 pre-orders: Predictions

Virtually every major retailer will offer Apple Watch 8 pre-orders after Apple’s keynote. Here are the Apple Watch 8 pre-order deals we’re hoping to see.

Apple Watch 8 impact: which models will see price cuts?

Green Apple Watch 7 on dark blue background

(Image credit: Apple)

Expect Apple Watch deals to drop to new all-time lows after the 2022 batch of Apple Watch is announced. Also, the Apple Watch 3 could be removed from Apple’s list entirely, which could make the Apple Watch SE the new budget option in Apple’s lineup.

In the past, the Apple Watch 3 has been as cheap as $109, while the Apple Watch SE hit an all-time low of $209 earlier this summer. Meanwhile, the base Apple Watch 7 hit $279 multiple times last month.

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