Apple’s AirPods Max are back at their best price of $429 on Amazon

Update September 1, 5:51 pm ET: Antonline’s bundle deal on Nintendo Switch OLED and Pokémon Legends: Arceus it’s no longer available.

Holy hell, it’s September. A big Apple event is next week, and summer is almost over (except for the stifling heat, that is). Before you know it, we’ll be talking about “Techtober” and holiday shopping. Wait, before you throw the keyboard or the phone at me, I’ll talk about the deals.

First off, you can pick up the AirPods Max in select colors (silver, pink, blue, and green) for $429, which is $120 off their full price. This is the best possible price for a new pair of AirPods Max so far. They’re regularly discounted to $479, so you never have to pay full price, but this deal doesn’t come around all the time.

While $429 is still a hefty amount for headphones, noise-canceling AirPods Max are some of the best options for wireless listening on Apple devices. They use Apple’s H1 chip for seamless connections to iPhone, iPad and Mac, but also support Bluetooth 5.0 for even more compatibility. (If you want, you can listen wired and not worry about battery life, but that requires a $35 cable.) These cans are a bit heavy, but they are very luxurious compared to most plastic competitors, and they support spatial audio. For all that, $429 is certainly a lot more palatable than its $549 full price, even if they don’t fold and the case is a bit weird. read our review.

apple airpod max

Apple AirPods Max feature exemplary build quality, phenomenal sound, and keep up with the best in noise cancellation.

Antonline offers a bundle of the Nintendo Switch OLED model with a copy of Pokémon Legends: Arceus and a wired Nyko gaming headset for $349.99. Console bundles rarely feel like a good deal, but thankfully this one bucks that trend. Frankly, the headphones are beside the point; The key here is that you’re getting the flagship OLED Switch, complete with its bigger and better screen, usable kickstand, and 64GB of internal storage for its regular price; plus you get a huge open world Pokemon free released game. If you are expired Pokemon A fan or just a little curious about Poké and interested in the best that Nintendo currently has to offer hardware-wise, this bundle is well worth a look. Read our reviews of Change OLEDs Y Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Govee’s DreamView G1 Pro gaming lights are down to their best price yet on Amazon. You can get the LED Monitor Bias Light Kit for $129.99 when you click the coupon on the page, $50 off at checkout. If you just love RGB lighting and play a lot of gaming on a PC, it’s a fun way to liven up your desktop setup. Like Govee’s TV immersion lighting kits, the G1 Pro uses a top-mounted camera to match light colors to what’s on screen. There’s a flexible LED strip that mounts to the back of your monitor with adhesive clips, and two LED towers sit on the sides, about a foot apart.

The effect is great for both story-driven games and edgy shooters, and it’s much more affordable than expensive options from brands like Philips Hue. The mounting clips for the LED strip are newly revised and improved, so if you buy it and get the old clips in the box, please be sure to contact Govee customer service to get the free clip upgrade. read our review.

Govee DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Lights

This camera-powered dynamic LED kit blends the colors displayed on a 24- to 32-inch screen as you play games, while offering four preset game blending modes that can deliver various effects.

Since it’s now September, that also means we’re getting into the swing of the fall TV season. And just as HBO Max is offering a seasonal deal to hook you up with its service, the recent Paramount Plus/Showtime combo streaming app is doing the same. You can sign up for the Paramount Plus and Showtime streaming package for as low as $7.99 per month (normally $11.99) for the Essential plan. That gives you a wide variety of ad-supported Paramount Plus and Showtime programming with some live sports, like the Champions League and NFL games on CBS. Opting for the Premium Plan costs $12.99 per month (normally $14.99), which is ad-free except on live content and includes more live sports in addition to your local CBS station. This offer is valid until October 2, when the plans return to their normal price, although you can cancel it at any time.

Paramount Plus and Showtime streaming package

Paramount Plus and Showtime are offering a combined streaming package of the two services for a special price of $7.99 per month for the Essential Plan (ad-supported) or $12.99 for the Premium Plan (no ads on non-live streams and more). live sports included) ). Both options include the Showtime broadcast. The special rates end on October 2, when they return to the standard of $11.99 and $14.99 per month, respectively.

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