Battlefield 2042 season 2 adds a new map and a man with a crazy gun

battlefield 2042 has gone through the ringer, but after a drastic reduction in scope and ambition, the developers at DICE are looking to get back on track for the troubled multiplayer shooter. The game’s upcoming Season 2, titled Master of Arms, shifts the focus away from game-wide rearrangements for the sake of a good old-fashioned content drop.

Starting on August 30, roughly three months after Season 1 began, Master of Arms will add the new Stranded map that will take players to Panama to fight around a dry lake and a transport ship stuck in the mud. (Perhaps inspired by an actual blockage of the Suez Canal in Cairo?) Also joining the fray is a new specialist, a former arms dealer named Charlie Crawford. As far as military shooter characters go, Charlie looks pretty basic, but he’s got a giant gun and he talks like low-budget action legend Scott Adkins, so that’s charming.

In addition to new weapons and vehicles, Master of Arms will bring a ton of new features to the game. battlefield 2042geared towards giving players a way to unlock Season 1 content they may have missed and also expand Battlefield Portal. These include assignments, which DICE says are “a way to unlock weapons in All-Out Warfare that were previously only available within Battlefield Portal – Starting with the iconic M60E4 and M16A3, with more to come in future updates. Players will also be able to use Tasks to unlock the Season 1 vehicles, weapons, and Specialist if they missed it the first time.”

All in all, it looks like a decent if run-of-the-mill seasonal update for a multiplayer shooter. Maybe that’s not necessarily enough to attract new or inactive players, but for the hardcore battlefield 2042 Faithful, maybe some run-of-the-mill stability is welcome at this point.

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