Battlefield 2042 will add a class system in response to its ‘polarizing’ specialists

DICE has confirmed plans to introduce a class system for Battlefield 2042 as part of the game’s Season 3 update.

While the studio is gearing up to release Season 2, it provided some insight into its long-term plans for the game on Monday in a dev update video that can be viewed below.

Headlining the Season 3 update is the decision to rework the game’s divisive specialist system to bring it closer to something that will be more familiar to players from previous series entries.

battlefield 2042 | Season 1: Zero Hour Gameplay Trailer

“Earlier this year we put together a team to look at the feedback received and now we’re ready to talk about the future of Specialists and the class system,” said Dice producer Alexia Christofi.

“The arrival of Specialists in Battlefield 2042 has been polarizing. We have heard you. So in Season 3, we’re moving Specialists into the classic and familiar Battlefield class system. They will have traits available to all specialists within a given class, with existing open gadgets and throwables divided between classes to suit their role.

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“Our initial thought is this breakdown, but this is just the beginning of the discussion. We want to know more about you. Specialists will not be removed from Battlefield 2042, but we know many of you have asked for this evolution that connects them to the class system.

“This is a significant change for us development-wise, so we’re taking the time to get it right. And so, we will bring it during Season 3.”

Battlefield 2042 will add a class system in response to its 'polarizing' specialists

Elsewhere in the video, DICE gave a sneak peek at the next in a series of mods for the game’s launch maps. Having released a reworked version of Kaleidoscope earlier this month, updated versions of Renewal and Orbital will be introduced as part of Season 2 in September and October, respectively.

DICE’s new general manager recently said that the studio “doesn’t have time” to undertake non-Battlefield projects as it seeks to establish itself as a leading developer in the FPS market.