BeReal not working and post issue 2022 problem and how to fix it

BeReal not TikTok is the new social media app everyone uses, know why it’s not working and not posting

The French platform, which requires users to post one photo per day at a specific time, debuted in 2020 but didn’t gain traction until mid-2022.

Everyone gets a simultaneous notification to take and share a photo in two minutes at a random time of day, and the brilliant idea results in some fun images.

BeReal not working and post issue Issue 2022 and how to fix the error

As of July 2022, there are 21.6 million active users, many of whom post a photo every day and are extremely frustrated when their BeReal doesn’t post.

BeReal, like all social media apps, has issues from time to time and users are often unable to upload their photos during the two minute window.

Find out why your BeReal isn’t posting and how to fix it.

Why doesn’t your Bereal publish?

When your BeReal can’t be published and you get an error message saying “Upload failed, please click to try again”, there are usually two causes.

  • Your network has a problem.
  • The app is experiencing server issues.

There is not much you can do if the BeReal servers are down. That means the app has a bug that causes it to crash for a large number of users.

It is very annoying, but crashes are common in social media apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and BeReal, and they are usually caused by an issue with the app.

When their servers go down, certain parts of the app stop working properly and you just have to wait a few hours for them to fix the problem.

However, if you are the only one experiencing the error and it is not a widespread issue, then there is likely a problem with your network. Below are some possible solutions.

How to fix your duel?

In that case, here are some things you could try to fix your app.

Check your Internet connection.

Check your phone’s WiFi or mobile data settings to make sure it’s connected to the Internet. Try turning off your WiFi or data and then re-enable it.

Clear your cache

Due to all the data stored in it, the app sometimes doesn’t work properly. Clear the cache by selecting Profile > Settings > Other > Clear cache.

Close the application.

Often all you need to do is close the app and then reopen it. Swipe up on your iPhone’s home page to do this.

Sign out of the app.

If closing it doesn’t work, try logging out of the app, wait a few minutes, and then log back in. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Turn off your phone.

It’s the oldest trick in the book and sometimes all you have to do is restart your phone to get your app working again.

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