BeReal reaches 10 million daily active users

Have you gotten into the growing social app BeReal yet?

If so, you’re not alone, as the app now has up to 10 million daily active users, up from 10,000 just over a year ago.

The fashion app of the moment, BeReal sends a prompt to all users at a random time each day, asking people to share a photo of what they’re doing, at that very moment, with a 2-minute time limit to post an update.

Be real

The app is touted as anti-Instagram, with a focus on real, unedited everyday life, as opposed to airbrushed and polished IG lifestyle scenes.

As BeReal describes it:

Without filters. No followers. Just friends, sharing with each other. In BeReal, you discover the real life of your friends and get closer to them.”

That approach is clearly resonating, so much so that other apps are now looking to replicate its core tools, with Instagram currently working on a new ‘Candid’ feature that closely resembles the BeReal UI.

It is interesting to note the growth of the app and the popularity of its ‘real life’ approach, showing that people can be fed up with the unrealistic portrayals of personality and image chosen by people online.

Which is a key point to keep in mind: when you look at people’s social media accounts, you’re essentially looking at a highlight reel of their life, excluding the low points and negatives, and accentuating what that person wants you to see. That can lead to a negative self-assessment and consequent impacts on mental health. But with the most popular celebrities sharing hyper-realistic images of themselves online, that’s leading to new trends in portrayal and showing off their ideal image.

So you can see why BeReal is gaining traction, with these immediate, everyday images that provide a more relatable representation of real life, which can actually help build community and connection, as opposed to online following.

But are there branding and marketing opportunities in the app?

Some brands are experimenting with BeReal, such as Chipotle, which has been using the app to share exclusive promotional codes.

Chipotle at BeReal

As Fast Company explains:

“When Chipotle joined BeReal in April (one of the first major brands to do so), it shared reusable promo codes in its posts for a week. The first 100 people to use the promotion would receive a free ticket. Those codes were regularly redeemed in less than a minute.

That, of course, could be novel value, but it’s an interesting use of the format to attract engagement, which could point to potential marketing approaches through creative use cases.

Perhaps, users will be open to that, if it doesn’t intrude too much on the user experience, and it could be a good way to improve connection and community.

Other brands are using the app to provide behind-the-scenes content and insights into how they run their business, while some are also testing variable approaches to product previews and deals, based on BeReal’s time-limited window approach.

There are certainly creative considerations here, and with 10 million users and growing, you can bet more brands are paying attention and considering what they could do to support this ever-growing change.

It is worth noting that BeReal it does not allow formal publicity at this stage, but that could also be on the cards in the future as the app continues to scale and looks to build a more sustainable business model.

But again, a bigger concern is that BeReal’s core appeal is very limited and could be easily replicated by other apps.

Again, Instagram is already doing this, and you can expect other apps to do the same as they work to dilute the differentiation from the competition and prevent their users from downloading another app.

That approach, whether you like it or not, has proven effective, and as BeReal becomes more of a contender for attention, more apps will try to use their scale to blunt the platform before it grows too big.

Whether BeReal can become a truly significant competitor in the space remains to be seen, but 10 million users is significant and it’s worth at least considering how it might fit into a more creative marketing approach, as an experiment moving forward.

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