Changes to live timer items in League PBE

One of League of Legends’ The most controversial items, Stopwatch, will receive more changes in the near future with the goal of putting it in a healthier place.

The changes are live on the current PBE and will likely drop on the live servers in the upcoming 12.17 patch.

Originally Posted by [email protected] modification Spider Ax on TwitterStopwatch will have its cost increased from 650 to 750 gold, which, by extension, will increase the cost of Zhonya’s Hourglass and Guardian Angel.

Screenshot via League of Legends
Screenshot via League of Legends

To further push Zhonya’s hourglass identity to that of a top-tier AP item instead of the support-friendly, situational buy that it is now, the item is earning an additional 300 gold cost on top of the increased 100 gold from the new Stopwatch price. . In exchange, the item receives an additional 15 ability power and an additional five ability haste. Support players of Amumu and the like will have to think a bit longer before dropping a lot of their hard-to-get gold on the item.

Screenshot via League of Legends
Screenshot via League of Legends

Guardian Angel also saw their combined cost rise to exceed the full item price by the same 3000 gold mark as Zhonya, but she’s also gaining five AD in stats as a result. Seeker’s Armguard is gaining an additional 10 AP with no cost difference, but his passive, Witch’s Path, will only grant an additional 10 armor instead of 15 (20 stacks, instead of 30).

The stopwatch itself began to suffer abuse in recent years, especially at a professional level. Players would buy the item before team fights to use it, sell it, and buy it back before the next one, leading to high leverage team fights in pro play that have more potential gameplay moments, but are based mostly on a button instead of Champion and teamfight mastery.

In patch 10.23, the run-up to the Mythic item overhaul, the stopwatch became a one-use item with the addition of the broken stopwatch, which is what it would become once it was used only as a component in instead of being part of another component. expensive item.

Earlier this year in patch 12.8, Riot further cracked down on stopwatch abusers, making the item unpurchasable if Zhonya’s Hourglass or Guardian Angel was already in a player’s inventory.

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