Cookie-free campaign for Havas Media and Lilydale wins with consumers

Havas Media Australia has innovated a global post-cookie solution using its Converged audience planning platform, successfully testing an identity-based end-to-end programmatic activation for its client Baiada’s premium poultry brand: Lilydale.

Havas Media’s campaign for Lilydale broke new ground in executing a comprehensive identity-based solution using iD5 universal identifiers within Converged, but also improved reach and engagement metrics compared to cookie-based alternatives.

Through Converged, Havas Media’s proprietary audience management platform that aims to keep audience and consumer behavior at the center of the media process, proprietary data was collected with consent on the Lilydale website and an identity-based audience was created. The comparison shopping was done in partnership with MediaMath, prioritizing premium publishers including News Corp,, The Guardian, Business Insider and Taste.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, Havas Media was able to drive positive results with identity-based offers delivered on premium inventory, leading to a 16 percent increase in user engagement compared to a cookie-free alternative.

“It has been really exciting working with the team at Havas Media to pioneer a new approach to digital activation. While we have implemented this test on a relatively small scale, we believe the learnings will have a profound impact on how we approach digital advancement. It helps build trust within the team knowing that we are ahead of the curve and preparing now for a future without cookies,” said Yash Gandhi (pictured), Baiada’s head of marketing.

A significant innovation was the activation of audiences within browsers that had already blocked third-party cookies (Safari and Firefox). This made it possible to improve the reach of the campaign by 5.35%. Within the Safari browser, engagement rates improved 19 times compared to the traditional cookie-based prospecting strategy.

Kevin Fernandes, Head of Data and Ad Technology Solutions at Havas Media, added: “As an agency, we are committed to learning and testing how we can help our clients manage their data assets. With or without cookies, there is incredible value in proprietary data from a brand, and we make sure this knowledge sharing happens all the time. We now have some extra time with Google’s recent announcement, but what excites me is working with our brand partners who are eager to support each other and test what future solutions exist. Yash and his team used this to learn more about their audiences and data. They also used a progressive and unique identity-based view of a consumer to target them across the open Internet. I’m sure this will start more conversations around the other identity solutions and hopefully move towards an industry standard around targeting and measurement.”

These results validate Havas Media Group’s commitment to delivering meaningful media experiences that deliver exceptional results for clients in the evolving data landscape while respecting consumer privacy.

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