‘Cult Of The Lamb’ Patches ‘Weird Looking Cube’ And Soft Crashes

The developer Massive Monster has released a new update for lamb cult which reverts the game to patch 1.0.10.

In a new Steam blog post, the developer shared that for the latest patch he needed to issue a rollback due to the soft crash issue within the game settings menu.

This means that lamb cult has been reverted to version 1.0.10, but Massive Monster has said that “as soon as we have a fix for the softlock, we’ll go back to 1.0.11”.

Lamb Cult.  Credit: Massive Monster.
Lamb Cult. Credit: Massive Monster.

Although this is the most notable part of the patch notes, the update also features some minor fixes for the game’s buggy spider trader, while also addressing an issue where a “weird looking cube would appear after resurrecting on a boss fight.

The developer also fixed a soft crash that would occur when the player interacted with the tarot card shrine when they had all the tarot cards.

There have been a number of important fixes with the new patch notes, including: a fix for the issue with talismans becoming invisible, a fix for the issue where a strange looking cube would appear after resurrecting in a boss fight, the issue where the spider merchant doesn’t give the tarot card when it should (fix wasn’t in 1.0.10), and a fix for the soft crash when resurrecting a sick/dissident follower.

Lamb Cult.  Credit: Massive Monster.
Lamb Cult. Credit: Massive Monster.

There are also a number of additional stability improvements in lamb cult also.

lamb cult released on August 11 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. In NMEIn Jordan Oloman’s three-star review, he said the game is “a smart but flawed indie game with a good heart, the latest from Massive Monster is worth checking out if you’ve played and enjoyed its various inspirations, but can’t deliver.” with the promise of controlling an emerging cult of bugs, at least in a way that feels free of bugs or repetitive work.”

In other news, Riot Games has unveiled the anthem of the valuing champions 2022.

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