Cult Of The Lamb sells 1 million units, praise your wool

Big hit made in Melbourne cult of the lamb it has sold 1 million units in its first week on sale. Publisher Devolver Digital announced the news via their Twitch on Friday morning.

This is a great result for a small game from a small team, made with funds from VicScreen. We just love to see Australian developers win.

The news also seemed to take the team by surprise. Creative director Julian Wilton appeared completely baffled on Twitter.

News of the Cult of the Lamb and its million units sold won’t surprise anyone who’s been on social media this week. There’s been a lot of love for the game on social media, with people singing its praises (including Ruby), people drawing fan art, compiling lists of Cult names, and offering tips and tricks. A sure sign of a huge success, even the mainstream Australian media took notice. cult of the lambwith winton appearing in ten The project to talk about your success.

Although there have been complaints in some quarters about various bugs affecting different versions of the game. There are also ongoing concerns about its performance on the Switch. Massive Monster says that patches and fixes are on the way to fix everything.

cult of the lamb is now available on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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