Cult Of The Lamb Version 1.0.3 Live For Switch, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Cultofthe Lamb Lamb praying on top and talking to followers
Image: Massive Monster

We think Cult of the Lamb is pretty good, but if there’s one issue we highlight with the cult-building roguelike, it’s the game’s various performance bugs. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long for a patch to fix these issues, and the developer shared what to expect in version 1.0.3.

Sharing details of the update on the game’s official Discord channel (Thanks Nintendo Everything!), Massive Monster has fixed a crash issue, Portuguese localization issues, drop rates, and optimization. There’s also an issue where you couldn’t bring more than six followers to the temple, which meant some quests were difficult to complete.

Here are the full Massive Monster and Cult of the Lamb Discord patch notes:

Version 1.0.3, August 25, 2022

General fixes
– Loc Fixes for Portuguese systems.
– Huge save file reduction
– Fixed a rare save corruption bug
– Fixed problem when performing rituals.
– Fixed invisible enemies spawning from the summoner.
– Fixed snail shells not dropping.
– Fixed achievements, including “Godhood”
– Ratau does not appear if the save has been deleted and recreated during a certain point in the game.
– If any menu is open and items are dropped from chests, the items may drop outside the playable area
– Pathfinding improvements
– Fixed an issue where a player would stop on vibrate, causing a permanent noise.

– Dungeon optimization
– Optimization for item spawning.
– Various optimizations for items spawned from chests and general dungeon optimization.
– Fixes for the title going into a semi-unresponsive state after Lamb collects a certain amount of cards during a single dungeon run
– Fixes for immortal enemies in Healer fights
– Fixed spider nests not falling.

– Only 6 followers entering the temple
– Disappearing Followers
– Follower skins achievement not completing
– Interacting with or assigning work to a dying follower causes a state of semi-numbness
– Follower quests fail instantly
– Various soft blockers during onboarding
– Prison softlock

The patch is out now on Switch, so be sure to download it before you go back to your self-conscious satanic rituals!

Cult of the Lamb has been hugely successful and with our 8/10 review along with the game hitting 1 million sales in just one week, it’s one of the highlights of 2022 so far.

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Have you had any issues with Cult of the Lamb prior to this patch? Are you enjoying the game? Let us know!

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