Cult Of The Lamb’s Take On Resurrection is Total Nightmare Fuel

some of us in my box have recently been obsessed with cult of the lamb, the new animated roguelike published by Devolver about a cult led by a lamb. In the past week, my boxSisi Jiang from ‘s asked me a simple question about the game on Slack: “Are we the bad guys?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “But I’ve been too preoccupied with things like having fun to scrutinize whether or not the little lamb is the villain.”

Then I thought for over 0.2 seconds about the game’s resurrection mechanic. I… probably should have focused less on having fun.

Released last week for consoles and PC, cult of the lamb is a roguelike management simulator, a strange mixture of genres that works better than you expect, in which you are chosen as the last living lamb in the world. A lot of deities kill you. An ancient god resurrects you, considers you his champion, grants you the blessing (curse?) of immortality, and tasks you with freeing her. To do so, you must kill the gods that initially killed you. To do thatyou must recruit a cult of anthropomorphic animals, who in turn will help you increase your fighting prowess.

In time, your followers, like all beings unfortunately tethered to a deadly coil, will die. But you can remedy this, ad infinitum, if you have enough resources and the right skill.

How to resurrect followers in cult of the lamb

During the administration portion of the city of Worshipyou can do rituals, cooldown-based abilities that grant immediate buffs to your herd’s declining satisfaction meters. As you play, you will naturally win commandment stones. These allow you to unlock new rituals from one of five categories. Once you get to the second level of the future life category, you will have the opportunity to unlock the resurrection ritual. Costs 75 bones (37 if you have the cheaper rituals skill unlocked), increases the loyalty meter for all your followers, and allows you to revive a dead follower. However, the cooldown is rough.

Another ritual allows you to marry one of your followers.  (Screenshot: Return)Another ritual allows you to marry one of your followers. (Screenshot: Return)

Why you should resurrect followers in cult of the lamb

There are a number of reasons why you might want to revive a deceased follower. For one thing, you don’t need to go through the process of naming and customizing that follower again, like you would with a new one. On the other hand, they will come back to life at the same level they died, which offers bonuses to their success rate on mission trips — where a member of your cult disappears for a few days before dying or returning with a pile of meat. And then, I suppose, there is the matter of sentimentality. For example, I named my first follower after Puck, one of my cats. (This was before I realized that members of his flock could die.)

Why you absolutely shouldn’t in a thousand years resurrect followers in cult of the lamb

When a follower dies, you have two options on what to do with the corpse. You can bury it. Or you can harvest the meat. Harvested follower meat can be used in a dish called minced follower meat, which restores a minimum of the constantly depleting hunger meter from a living follower. I made the food, just to see what would happen, and then walked away. (When you cook food in cult of the lambautomatically placed on the ground for your next hungry follower to eat).

Then I revived Puck, because obviously. To be clear, I’m not totally sure what happened next, but all signs point to Puck. eating his own dead body. I didn’t see it happen in real time. But when the morning came Worshipby the game clock, the plate was gone. And Puck’s hunger meter was full.

So therein lies a potential feedback loop in cult of the lamb, one that you could theoretically use indefinitely to keep your cult strong, if you don’t have a soul. Your follower dies. You harvest the meat. You revive them. You feed them their own meat… until they die again. Rinse, wash (thoroughly, please), repeat her.

Anyway, as I told Sisi, yes, in cult of the lamb, we are absolutely and unequivocally the bad guys. I wish I had noticed earlier, before he maybe he fed my cat.

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