Daughters of Oryx encounter guide

The King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2 is full of really interesting, but difficult encounters. This was initially in the original Destiny game which was only available on consoles. But Bungie repeated this raid and brought it back in the Season of Plunder.

The Daughters of Oryx encounter is the penultimate in the King’s Fall raid. It features two main bosses, who also happen to be the daughters of the Taken King. This encounter, if done right, can be completed very quickly.

With that being said, here is a quick guide to completing the Daughters of Oryx encounter in the King’s Fall raid in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder.

How to complete the Daughters of Oryx encounter in Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid

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The Daughters of Oryx encounter has few core mechanics that Guardians need to be aware of.

  • Both bosses have shields that cannot be damaged unless removed.
  • There are four different platforms in the area.

This is the same room where the final boss fight also takes place. Now the basic idea is to remove shields from bosses to damage them. To do this, a Guardian has to pick up a spark and then cast it on his shield. The bosses of this encounter are known as Ir Anûk and Ir Halak in Destiny 2.

Ir Anûk has always been the choice for the first target. There is a small panel in front of her where Guardians can stand and damage her. But before doing so, they will have to remove her shield, which can only be done by hitting it with a Spark.

A Guardian on the fire team will be randomly selected for “Torn Between Dimensions”, and Ir Anûk will begin singing. Guardians will have 60 seconds to break her shield and defeat her.

The Guardian with the “Torn Between Dimensions” perk is the only one who can remove the shields. Once Guardians get this debuff, they will be transported to the Ascendant Plane. There, they will have to go through some platforms to collect the spark and then dip it into one of the bosses.

The remaining Guardians will have to climb onto the platforms one by one in a counter-clockwise direction. If they get the pattern right, the Spark Runner will see the rising platforms in front of them leading up to Spark. Guardians standing on the platform shouldn’t move at all, because they will disappear if they do.

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With the shield removed, Guardians can now stand on the aforementioned platform to damage and possibly defeat Ir Anûk. Divinity and Gjallarhorn can be useful in this damage phase.

The same can be repeated for Ir Halak after Ir Anûk has been defeated. Ir Halak is located right in front of Ir Anûk and there is a small platform just below her from where Guardians can damage her.

If done correctly, they can complete this stage in less than seven minutes. Once this stage is complete, you can head to the final encounter in the raid, the Taken King himself, in Destiny 2.

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