Destiny 2 glitch scares players

Destiny 2’s newest raid, King’s Fall, has an unfortunate bug with one of its bosses. This bug causes the boss, Golgoroth, to emit a very loud and intense scream whenever players “clean up” or lose to the boss.

A ‘raid’, for those who don’t know, is a high-level dungeon that can only be completed with a full team of party members. King’s Fall is a new raid for Destiny 2, though it’s technically a returning raid from Destiny 1, and it requires six players to complete.

Golgoroth is one of the raid bosses in King’s Fall, and the fight is centered around dealing with swarms of additional enemies and balancing resources; All in all pretty hard to do while avoiding attacks and shooting around a bit. Unfortunately, players struggling to complete the encounter will be subject to restarting the fight, but not before Golgoroth has the last word.

See, when Golgoroth kills all six players, he’s supposed to let out a pretty loud roar to indicate the match is over. Instead, he emits a terrifyingly loud roar that can damage your ears if you play with headphones on.

This is obviously a bug – Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2, admitted this via their Twitter help. “We are aware of an issue where Golgoroth can sometimes produce an extremely loud roar in the King’s Fall raid,” he said. “It is recommended to reduce the audio output when fighting Golgoroth until a fix can be implemented.”

Meanwhile, the comments on that tweet are filling up with reaction clips and videos of players “discovering” the bug. While it’s fun, it’s definitely worth remembering that players often have in-game audio turned on to hear audio cues during fights, so this definitely has the potential to deal lasting damage.

Bungie recently withdrew from community outreach and opened up publicly about the harassment developers are receiving. This preceded a series of lawsuits, with Bungie suing streamers for cheating and death threats. This wave of lawsuits has also triggered some counter-filing, as a hacking firm cited Google and PayPal for ammunition against Bungie.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.

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