Does Instagram have a BeReal type feature? IG’s candid challenges are similar

Instagram could launch a new feature soon. No, it’s not another feeding test, but it could be just as controversial. According to a recent tweet from a mobile developer, Instagram might be looking at a new BeReal-type feature, called IG Candid Challenges, and there are many similarities to BeReal, right down to a 2-minute warning. The new feature, which a Meta spokesperson says is a “prototype,” allows users to take and post an unedited photo at a random time every day. Sounds familiar, right? Here’s what you need to know about the new BeReal-eqsue feature on Instagram, how it compares to the OG, and when (or if) you’ll see it on your app anytime soon.

On August 22nd, mobile developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, @Alex193A on Twitter, shared reported images from the new IG Candid feature, and it seems that the internal prototype has a lot in common with BeReal. According to the screenshots, IG Candid Challenge alerts users at a random time every day that they have 2 minutes to take a photo and post it to IG Candid. IYDK, the BeReal app, which started making waves in 2022 after its launch in 2020, is known for its random notifications and 2-minute post windows. It also encourages users to post raw, unfiltered photos at different times of the day, all of which seem to play a big role in the IG Candid Challenge.

Does Instagram have a BeReal type feature?

Elite Daily reached out to Instagram for more information on the potential feature and when the company started working on it, but the company is keeping pretty tight-lipped apart from confirming it’s a prototype. “This feature is an internal prototype and not something we are testing,” a Meta spokesperson told Elite Daily in an email on Aug. 23.

The apparent IG Candid screenshot also says that you can “add others’ IG Candid to your stories tray,” so you can see your best friends’ candid moments; It’s unclear how the stories tray will work and whether it will be similar to current IG stories. , but it seems like it could set IG Candid apart from BeReal. Instead of a grid or a Stories option, BeReal users only have one feed they can post to once a day before the post disappears.

In a second IG Candid screenshot shared by Paluzzi, it appears that the feature requires users to take a photo from the front and one from the outside at the same time, just like BeReal does. Instagram has been testing a dual camera on IG Storiesso it’s not surprising that the company brought similar technology to IG Candid, but it will definitely make users draw comparisons to BeReal.

Will Instagram test IG Candid?

It’s unclear when (or if) the new IG Candid Challenge will be tested or released, as Meta only refers to it as an internal prototype, but if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that the feature will definitely be divisive.

Twitter user @videogxrl expressed their frustration with the change, saying, “First IG became Snap with Stories, then it became TikTok with Reels, and now you’re trying to be Real with candids… please be your own app.” Meanwhile, the user @MadisonCrossley expressed their disappointment, tweeting: “Instagram will literally do everything in its power to copy other platforms instead of [doing] exactly what we all want them to do.”

Instagram hasn’t hinted at the launch or even testing of IG Candid, so it’s unclear how or when you might see it.

Instagram has been dealing with its fair share of criticism from fans lately. First, it was the feed tests that altered photos and videos to fit your screen size, which thankfully stopped for good, and then it was’s petition for Instagram to stop putting so much emphasis on Reels. . that caught the attention of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Since videos aren’t going anywhere on your IG Feed, you may need to prepare for the arrival of BeReal-style Heartfelt IG Challenges. But since Meta is keeping very tight-lipped about any possible internal prototype development, he may have some time before he decides if he’s ready to be “IG Candid.”

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