Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 support an S Pen?

With the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung’s clamshell finally moved beyond proof of concept and became a mainstream product. Improved durability, attractive design, and a more acceptable price tag helped the Galaxy Z Flip 3 become the most popular flip phone on the market. The latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 hopes to repeat the same magic, bringing several major upgrades such as a more durable exterior and hinge, improved cameras, a more powerful chipset, and a larger battery with fast charging support. But does the new clamshell support S Pen stylus input similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra?

If you’re planning to get your hands on Samsung’s new cover, you might be wondering if it works with an S Pen stylus. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 does not include an S Pen, nor does it support the S Pen (Folding Edition) or the S Pen Pro. The lack of stylus support is both a cost-saving measure and a factor limitation. uniquely from the phone. The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s screen isn’t as big and wide as the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s to really take advantage of the S Pen. Not to mention, enabling S Pen support requires adding a digitizer below the display, which would have made the Galaxy Z Flip 4 more expensive and required some engineering to maintain the device’s thickness and overall design. Even if Samsung added S Pen support to the Galaxy Z Flip 4, most users would not have liked the idea of ​​carrying the stylus separately as the Flip cannot store the stylus inside the phone or case. . The general idea of ​​the Flip is to fold up into a smaller device, so adding a few more items to go just doesn’t go with the flow on this phone.

        Galaxy Z Flip 4 exclusive offer for XDA readers

    For a limited time, Samsung is offering a free memory upgrade and a free permanent cover with S Pen when you pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Plus, XDA readers can get up to $200 in extra benefits by clicking the link below. .

If the S Pen or stylus is essential to your workflow, consider getting the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Galaxy S22 Ultra instead. Please note that Samsung does not include the S Pen with the Galaxy Z Fold 4; you will have to buy one separately.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, be sure to take advantage of the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 deals to save money and get free gifts.

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