Dr Disrespect Teases Twitch Partner Changes With Dual YouTube & Facebook Stream

Former Twitch star turned YouTube Gaming headliner Dr. Disrespect openly mocked his old platform’s recent partner changes by preparing a stream that would go against Twitch rules: simulcast on YouTube and Facebook.

In recent news, Twitch opened up its exclusivity rules for its partner and affiliate streamers, allowing many content creators to go down previously limited paths. The platform now allows its streamers to simulcast on TikTok Live and Instagram while streaming on Twitch.

Twitch stars can also stream on YouTube and Facebook, but not at the same time as they stream on the Amazon-owned platform: “We believe that interacting with two streamers at once can lead to a suboptimal experience for your community,” they say. justified.

Despite that caveat, many streamers consider this a win for the platform and a step forward. However, Dr. Disrespect is still poking holes in the streamer wars with his response.

In defiance of Twitch’s rules (not that it’s bound by them), Two-Time is planning a stream on both YouTube and Facebook on August 24.

Multi-streaming on YouTube and Facebook is explicitly prohibited by Twitch, with the new partnership rules stating that streamers can only use one platform at a time.

However, it’s not like the Doc can make use of these relaxed rules. It’s still permanently banned from the platform, forcing the incredibly successful streamer to move to YouTube, and now Facebook (for this time).

During the height of his Twitch career, Dr Disrespect had millions of followers, boasted high-profile productions, and consistently drew over 50,000 viewers during each live session.

Having effectively transitioned to YouTube, Dr. Disrespect maintained that success at Twitch’s biggest rival in the industry.

You can watch Dr. Disrespect simulcast on YouTube and Facebook on both of his pages on August 24.

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