Dwarf Fortress has a new soundtrack, including lyrics from Dwarven

Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter IImore commonly known as dwarf fortressShe has been ugly all her life. Some find the ASCII art charming, but for my money, the game’s best feature is its soundtrack: a pair of flamenco-inspired guitar riffs performed by co-creator Tarn Adams. But that music won’t be included in the new version, as it’s produced in association with Kitfox. In its place will be a fully produced 15-song soundtrack. Most importantly, the music will include the sound of the dwarves singing in their native language for the first time.

The announcement came Wednesday on YouTube, with Tarn Adams and Zach Adams happily leaning into the camera together. The effort was led by Omar “Dabu” Dabbous, a musician, sound designer, and audio director at Ko_Op Mode. He is joined by South African musician Simon Swerwer, whose first dwarf fortress-inspired album came out in 2012.

The fans have put other music on dwarf fortress in the past, including the work of Swerwer, which is part of the popular Soundsense mod. But the quality of these recordings is exponentially richer and more complete. Expect the soundtrack to be available as an album soon.

Of course, if you’re craving that old-school vibe, know that the original songs will still be available in the ASCII version of the game on the Bay 12 Games website. You can also download them at Polygon.

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