Exclusive: A first look at the new Lotus from Magic: The Gathering

IGN is excited to reveal two new cards from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, Dominaria United. We’ve got the first look at a new kicking newt rare creature called the Vodalian Mindsinger, as well as the latest in a long and storied line of Lotus artifacts with a mythic rare called the Timeless Lotus.

Both cards are visible in the gallery below, and you can flip through them to see each one individually.

Timeless Lotus is a five-mana legendary artifact that enters the battlefield tapped and can tap to add five mana, one of each color. that’s a ton of mana to come from a single mana rock like this, though the high cost and tapped entry slow it down significantly. The two closest comparisons that came to mind were golden lotuswhich is another lotus that costs five and taps for three one-color mana (without entering tapped), and Jegantha, the Springa five-mana creature that also taps for one of each color but with a restriction on how it can be spent.

The lotus has always been a symbol of raw power in Magic, tracing its lineage back to the game’s most iconic figure (and more expensive) first set card: Black Lotus. I could go into his story, but if you’re interested in learning more, I highly recommend this video from YouTuber Rhystic Studies expertly breaking down its meaning, as well as this recent from Magic designer Gavin Verhey, investigating all the times the lotus has returned to a card.

Our other preview card, Vodalian Mindsinger, is sure to make a lot of merfolk fans happy. He is a 2/2 blue Merfolk mage for three mana that allows you to control a creature with less power than his for as long as you control it. The trick is that it literally has a trick, allowing you to pay one and a red, one and a green, or both to enter the battlefield with two or four +1/+1 counters, increasing the cost but also increasing his size to allow him to steal larger things. It’s a shame that the kicker’s red mana pip means he won’t be playable in the vast majority of siren-themed commander decks.

Wizards of the Coast too previously announced that the original 1994 Legends Series cards will be hidden in collector boosters, leaving the opportunity to open some extremely rare cards if you’re lucky. And in non-Magic news, WOTC also revealed last week that the card game would be getting a doctor who crossover at the end of next year.

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