Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Code Red adds twin turbos and $210,000 to base car

The new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is one of the most popular muscle cars on the market today. Even in standard form, the car is an absolute beast. However, some want a little more performance from their snake, and Shelby has a solution for those who have the money.

With that in mind, speed phenomenonThe latest YouTube video asks a simple question. Is the new 1,300-horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Code Red worth its $320,000-plus asking price? Our host tells us that this is the most improved pinnacle version of the car that is available to buy in Shelby.

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What Shelby Does Best

Our host tells us that Shelby buys the Mustang GT500 that already has 760 hp from the factory and bumps it up to 1,300 hp using E85, making the car illegal to race on California streets. The Shelby will run on 91 octane, but power will drop to 1,000 hp. The Shelby is powered by the same engine as the original GT500.

However, the 5.2-liter coss-plane crank is no longer supercharged. Shelby prefers the twin-turbo setup which helps pump out the massive increase in power. In addition, Code Red will receive suspension, cooling and aesthetic improvements. Production will be small with just 30 units total for the 2020-2022 model years.

The history of the red code

Speed ​​Phenom takes us back to 2008. Shelby is experimenting with a 197 Ford Mustang GT500, which at the time had a supercharged 5.4L V8. The car was redesigned by adding a twin-turbo system and a dual-feed fuel system that was blended with high-octane racing gasoline. Shelby also installs a larger cooling system and is working with AMS to develop speed-sensitive boost control for the car. Due to its extreme nature, high power output, and high cost, Shelby decides that this is not a viable solution for a production vehicle and decides to cancel the experiment.

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Fast forward to 2022

“That’s exactly what they’re doing today,” our host says with a laugh. However, the technology has come a long way since 2008. Although more powerful, things like wheels, tires, suspension and tuning help keep the Code Red stable and reduce its power without fear of hitting the wall. when stepping on the accelerator. Shelby American Upgrade Package MSRP starts at $209,995.

This doesn’t include the price of the GT500 itself, which is already a supercar killer. Our host goes on to say that the price of the upgrade is only slightly less than the price of a Lamborghini Huracan or slightly less than a new McLaren Artura. As for the price of an upgrade on a car, our host thinks the price is unbelievably high. He also points to the disclaimer that says the upgrade voids the manufacturer’s warranty and is for off-road use only.

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