Former GTA Frontman’s Next Open World Game Looks Ambitious, Sounds Vague AF

Leslie Benzies, former Rockstar Games lead developer and president of GTA creators Rockstar North, appeared during today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live stream to reveal his studio’s next game, the ambitious but super lazy Everywhere. No really, that’s the title, and if you’re confused about what that is… well, so are we.

Geoff Keighley kicked off the two-hour live stream with a world premiere — you guessed it, actually, a sneak peek — of Everywhere. Developed by Build a Rocket Boy, the project is billed as an open world adventure game with continuous multiplayer with the dream of “building a whole new world for the next generation of gamers,” according to one of the developers during the short trailer. . Other goals that Build a Rocket Boy has for Everywhere they include the ambition to “create this open world that can be built in all directions” and focus on the current ethos of “what it means to represent oneself digitally”. In other words, Everywhere Sounds like it’s some kind of metaverse. Excellent.

But what this means remains to be seen, as there was not a shred of actual gameplay. Hell, there wasn’t even any CGI animation to gawk at. The three minutes or so were just developers talking about plans for Everywhere like this Roblox-as a creative platform interspersed between conceptual art. Everything looks beautiful, particularly the richly detailed environments, just lazy AF.

like what it really is Everywhere? Is it a first person shooter? Third person action-adventure? Any narrative puzzle? Who knows? I know not.

After the brief teaser, assistant game director Adam Whiting took the stage to talk a little more about Everywhere. However, his answers were super doubtful.

“I won’t be able to reveal everything, but what I can say is that we’re not really trying to make a normal game,” Whiting said. “I think the scope and ambitions of this project are quite different from anything else. We want to build a whole new world for players. Not just a place to play, but also to watch, share, create, hang out with your friends and much more.” So yeah, it totally sounds like Fortnite.

You can learn more about Everywhere by going to their official website. If you’re curious about when and where it’ll be released, we don’t know either, but Whiting said the game should hit players’ hands sometime next year.

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