Game studio says publisher exploited them for a ‘diversity fund’ and kept the money

next adventure title A space for the untethered is delayed indefinitely after Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio alleged that publisher PQube Games exploited the studio for financial gain. The developers published a joint statement to the game’s official Twitter accountwhich says, in part:

Earlier this year we discovered that PQube Games, a UK-based publisher we signed on to publish game consoles A space for the untethered in the western regions, they have done certain things that have left us feeling manipulated and exploited, so we have had to terminate our agreement with them.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020, PQube Games used our position and heritage as an Indonesian developer to draw a diversity pool from a well-known console platform. The diversity fund was a grant fund intended to help underrepresented game developers, especially during the pandemic. However, instead of awarding those funds to developers as the grant was intended, PQube Games intentionally withheld information about the grant and used it as leverage for their own commercial gain.

Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio allege that PQube Games concealed the facts about the subsidy, added it as a minimum recoverable guarantee, and then used it to negotiate increased revenue share. The statement says that the studio only found out about this in March 2022, and as such, “we clearly cannot trust PQube Games or continue to work together.”

PQube has responded with a statement denying the allegations and stating that it has fulfilled its role as publisher despite a history of “delays and difficulties” and an attempt by Toge Productions to “unilaterally enforce unreasonable revised terms.” of our agreement.”

We have fulfilled all the obligations of our publishing agreement and have supported Toge Productions at every stage of the product’s development through its delays and difficulties. This support has included the offering of significant additional funding, in addition to grant funding, to support development, portability, and commercialization. Toge Productions has for some time sought to unilaterally enforce the unreasonable revised terms of our agreement and it is disappointing that as a result of their failure to do so and despite significant efforts by PQube to accommodate this, they have sought to address the matter in this way. We will respond through the appropriate channels.

A space for the untethered is a slice-of-life game set in rural Indonesia in the late 1990s about a boy and a girl dealing with a cocktail of anxiety, depression, and supernatural powers. Atma and Raya, two high school sweethearts, embark on an adventure through beautiful pixel art scenes.

The game was originally scheduled to release on Steam, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s unclear when, or even if, the game will see a release now that publishers and developers are getting into this conflict.

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