Gamescom Opening Night Live Edition 2022

If you weren’t up at 4am for Gamescom Opening Night Live and just need to catch up on all the major announcements, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you missed at Gamescom Opening Night Live while you were sleeping.

  • Everywhere it is a game created by ex GTA producer Leslie Benzies. His trailer opened the show, and while it certainly seems ambitious, all of Benzies’ talking points were very vague. There is an element to this that could just be a Metaverse hub with some additional mechanics. Right now, it’s hard to tell what the difference is between something like Everywhere and say, Fortnite.
  • awakening of the dunes, the Dune survival MMO finally got a tonal teaser. Although Funcom had no gameplay to show, I still think the idea is a good one. That said, I find the mental image of a thousand people all trying to walk without rhythm so as not to attract the Worm. I don’t know about you, but I really want to know more about this one.
  • Sony has a customizable professional controller called DualSense Edge. Similar in function to something like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. It’s good! I’m happy that Sony is producing a customizable controller like this. I think your range needs one, and I think the DualSense will be a good fit for that. I want to get my hands on one.
  • Australian developer SMG Studio has announced move out 2, the sequel to their smash hit co-op from the couch. Very excited for this one. If you have never played Moveit is like Overcooked but for removers. It’s an excellent choice for your next night of couch co-op multiplayer, and it’s very exciting to see SMG producing a sequel. Great team.
  • New Tales from the Borderlands has a first look trailer. The game is made by Gearbox, with former Telltale staff who helped produce its original season. Although Gearbox is not known for its ability to tell stories in borderlandsOutside of one or two very bright spots, it’s nice to see some of the Telltale team that brought the original back. That gives me back a little faith.
  • Hogwarts Legacy reconfirmed its commitment to a February 10, 2023 release and showed off a bit more gameplay. A bit of Hogwarts lore, there is an apparent search for information on Salazar Slytherin. I am sure that everyone who is interested in this game will continue to be interested in playing it, and I hope you will have a good time. JK Rowling, of course, is still a horrible TERF.
  • sonic frontiers yielded a release date: November 8, 2022. With so many games being shuffled in Q4, the space was opened for sonic frontiers to take a privileged place of Christmas.
  • Return to Monkey Island releases on September 19, which is also Talk Like a Pirate Day. Good news: if you pre-order now, you can get a horse armor!
  • moon breakera new turn-based sci-fi strategy game from Unknown Worlds, makers of subnautics, was by far my favorite game on the show and it could be yours too. is written by Mistbornby Brandon Sanderson, and combines a tabletop wargame with the mini-painting hobby that is its backbone. It looks great and very different for Unknown Worlds. Early access begins on September 29.
  • homeworld 3 it will arrive in the first half of 2023. The trailer was a game that looks exactly as you remember it from high school. I really look forward to this one.
  • gotham knights will be pushed forward to October 21, which makes it one of the few Q4 games this year that not only makes it to its release date, but decides to go a little earlier, because it’s not like it has much competition. .
  • dead island 2 not only has it returned to the land of the living, it will be released on February 22, 2023. It is now also set in Los Angeles, which, if you know its geography, is not an island.
  • Hideo Kojima announced a Spotify podcast to be released in Japanese and English through a translator.
  • And finally, Geoff Keighley announced that The Game Awards will be broadcast live on December 8, 2022.

And that’s what you missed from a PACKED Gamescom Opening Night Live. If you want to see what else you missed, you can check out our trailer roundup here.

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