‘Genshin Impact’ update patch 3.0 Sumeru release time, release banners

Genshin Imapct is about to be released its largest addition to dateUpdate 3.0, which brings us not only a new continent to explore, Sumeru, but also a completely new item that we can wield for the first time, Dendro.

While Asia gets access to new patches and content a bit earlier, if you have time to play tonight in the US here, you can access Patch 3.0 at the following times:

  • 20:00 PDT
  • 23:00 EDT
  • 4am BST (on August 24)

Maintenance lasts about 5 hours and will be ahead of the start times listed above. It might launch a bit earlier if we’re lucky, but I’d trust those times to be accurate.

In terms of what’s coming, here are the two banners that Sumeru will launch with, containing its first rift on Dendro characters:

  • Tighnari, Collei, Diona, Fischl
  • Zhongli, Collei, Diona, Fischl

Tignhari and Collei represent the first two Dendro characters in the game, which means they will undoubtedly be highly sought after. I’ll probably write build guides for them tomorrow, keeping in mind that as I write this now, they won’t be available for another 14 hours. Interestingly, both Tighnari and Collei are users of the Dendro bow, which seems like a strange opening. In fact, everybody those banner characters are arc users in the Tighnari banner, so I’m not exactly sure what Genshin is trying to tell us here. We are about to fight against some… enemies far away? I’m not sure.

Of course, there will also be a weapon banner, it will feature Hunter’s Path, a 5-star bow that increases elemental reaction damage. And Zhongli’s Vortex Vanquisher will also return, of course.

Sumeru will start off a bit slow with new characters as the second banner of 3.0 will only be repeats of Ganyu and Kokomi for the featured characters. I mean, you can never have too many of them, but still, the other new characters are going to be pretty spread out, it seems.

So yeah, we have to wait a bit longer for Sumeru, but we’ve already waited like two years, so a few more hours isn’t too bad. See you there.

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