Google Duo icon returns to app drawers, but still opens Google Meet

Earlier this month, Google began rolling out an update to Google Duo, which kicked off the long-awaited Duo-Meet merger. The update changed the name and icon of the Duo app to that of Google Meet and brought all of the latter’s features into the app. Additionally, Google updated the Duo branding on the web version and started displaying the Meet branding and icon. However, with the latest update to Google Meet (formerly Duo), the Google Duo app icon is making a comeback in users’ app drawers.

Although the return of Google Duo may seem like a mistake on Google’s part, the company says (via 9to5Google) which intentionally brought back the Duo icon with the latest update. The idea behind this move is to help users who search for “Duo” in the app drawer to easily launch the now unified app. This will probably make it easier for users to get used to the change.

After the latest Google Meet update, users should now see Google Duo and Google Meet app icons in their app drawers. But while they have different icons and app names, they will open the same app: Google Meet. If you uninstall either one, both icons will be gone from your app drawer.

Google plans to complete the Duo-Meet merger by September, after which the updated Google Meet app (formerly Duo) with video calling and meeting features will be widely available on Android and iOS. Google will likely remove the Duo app icon forever after that. The legacy Google Meet app will remain available to users for meetings only, but Google could phase it out after the merger.

Via: 9to5Google

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