Google is finally fixing the Google TV lag

If your Chromecast with Google TV has been feeling slow on startup lately (mine has), there’s good news on the horizon. Google has made a number of “under the hood” changes to Google TV to make it feel faster and more responsive. The changes are relatively minor, such as reducing the memory requirement for certain interface elements and improving general cache management. But you will have to check your Google TV dongle or device to see if anything has already been implemented.

In a community blog post, Google formally detailed the changes to its TV platform. Updating is pretty straightforward: Google TV software includes “CPU optimization” settings and cache management so you won’t experience any lag on the home screen. The company says it’s improved the navigation so that Google TV feels more responsive as you move the remote’s cursor through the tabs, though that’s the scope of the description. Google’s post also wholeheartedly adds that Google TV now requires less RAM, so “you should have a better viewing experience where everything is more stable and moves a bit faster!” Given how much RAM Chrome consumes, that’s good to hear.

If you use child profiles, they should also feel faster. Google says it has made image cache optimizations to reduce the time it takes to switch between the main profile and a child’s profile. It is true that I did not set up a profile for my son because I feared this slowdown in change. But I guess I should give it another try. This update should now be available on your Google TV, although CPU optimizations are still coming to some devices.

Finally free up storage on Google TV

The Google TV dongle with Chromecast is notorious for its built-in storage limitations. You don’t think about it, though, until you find it, at which point you’re sulking deleting apps from the device to free up space. I may or may not be speaking from experience.

Google will help simplify this process with a “Free up storage” menu option in Settings. This offers options to clear your cache and help you uninstall apps you’re not using, though it won’t guide you like Android’s Files by Google. You can get this feature through the Settings panel under System > Storage > Free up storage. Please note that this is still rolling out to some Google TV devices.

Lastly, Google says there are changes to the way Google TV handles app installs, so you won’t find as many storage-related bugs. I haven’t dealt with this since I set up my Chromecasts with Google TV, but it’s enough for you to find posts about it. Google is also introducing an “automated process” that runs in the background to help free up space on your Google TV device.

Arguably, Google could have avoided these storage issues altogether if it had packed more space into the Chromecast with Google TV, which it made small and cheap enough to take around any household that wanted to sign in to its streaming services with a device. simple plug and play. Maybe we’ll see more storage in a future version?

It’s good to see that Google is trying to improve the experience on Google TV, as it still faces a lot of competition from Apple, Roku, and Amazon. Like I said before, I’ve been feeling the slowdown on the TV platform for a while now. I’ve mostly gone back to streaming directly from my Android smartphone or using Amazon’s Fire TV or Roku to stream instead. The interface still feels a bit behind on my Chromecast with Google TV, so hopefully these improvements roll out quickly.

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