Grand Theft Auto beta images shared ahead of copyright threat

One of the original developers behind Grand Theft Auto, Mike Dailly, uploaded some never-before-seen original footage from Grand Theft Auto, the original PlayStation 1 game.

Its footage included prototypes from the original game, but received copyright notices from Grand Theft Auto’s parent company Take-Two Interactive.

Dailly was one of the original employees of DMA Design, co-founding the company and creating the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

He created the graphics engine for Grand Theft Auto and posted some prototypes on YouTube to show off his work.

Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive responded by removing copyright from his work, forcing Dailly to remove his videos.

Rockstar also forced Daily to remove a link to download a Grand Theft Auto 2 design document from 25 years ago.

taking to TwitterDailly posted his outrage: “I see Rockstar is getting back into f*****s mode, issuing copyright notices to any GTA videos they can find, including my two prototype videos.”

The affected videos included renderings of prototype engines, including a top-down view of city streets and an isometric view.

The third video contained footage from a beta version of Grand Theft Auto.

While Rockstar is the household name for Grand Theft Auto today, DMA Design was the original creator of the series before it was acquired in 1998 and later renamed Rockstar North.

Speaking to PCGamer, he was frustrated by the situation. “Developers should always be allowed to showcase their work, especially work that is 28 years old!”

He has since removed any potentially problematic work from his social media, leaving only “direct examples” of his own work that “was never used in GTA, but ‘inspired’ parts of its evolution.”

While it’s still technically part of the intellectual property, it’s a bit strange that Rockstar and Take-Two are being staunchly aggressive against prototypes and design documents from 25 years ago.

It’s impossible for these videos and documents to have a negative impact on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, which will have a more inclusive design than previous entries.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.

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