GTA Producer’s New Game Has No NFTs, They’re Just Hiring People With Blockchain Experience

Gamescom’s first Opening Night Live game was Everywherea shooting game led by the producer of the Grand Theft Auto Serie. However, the announcement and interview with the developer was so vague that many people began to speculate that the game might be hosted on the blockchain. Today, the developers clarified that Everywhere it won’t be built on top of the blockchain, but it didn’t completely rule out the technology. “We don’t like to write off new technologies just because others haven’t found a solution for them yet,” said a community manager.

According to the Everywhere website, the game “blends gameplay, adventure, creativity, and discovery into an entirely new multi-world gaming experience that redefines how players connect with each other and the digital world.” don’t worry. So did the interviews with the developers during Opening Night Live.

When asked what exactly the game was, assistant director Adam Whiting was coy about sharing any more details. “We want to build a whole new world for gamers,” said Whiting. “We want not only a place to play, but also to watch, share, create, hang out with your friends and much more.”

The vagueness has been concerning to fans who are used to non-responses from NFT studios. Some Twitter users he pointed that Build A Rocket Boy was hiring for a developer on the “Blockchain team”. The job posting specifically required experience developing AAA games, as well as experience implementing blockchain contracts. According to the study, the job is a research position. but they haven’t said it Everywhere you’ll never have blockchain or pay-to-win items, either.

And apart from the job offer, one of the main investors in the studio is Galaxy Interactive, which has invested in several Web3 companies. my box reached out to Build A Rocket Boy, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Blockchain is deeply unpopular with some gamers and developers because they are widely associated with shady scams. In fact, the companies have had to clarify that their work was not intended to be an NFT or any kind of blockchain technology. Blockchain has also been criticized for its negative impacts on the environment.

Geoff Keighley tweeted last year that “I really hope I never have to stand up at #TheGameAwards and say things like ‘the world’s first blockchain shooter that plays to win with ‘true asset ownership.'” Gamescom is a different show, but Keighley hosts both, so Many they are bringing the cheep either his stated commitment to environmentalism at this time. Yes or no Everywhere will have blockchain elements at some point, the studio is being funded by investors who do not have the best interests of the planet in mind. my box He reached out to Keighley about whether or not he was aware of the studio’s involvement with blockchain prior to the show, but did not receive a response at press time.

Build A Rocket Boy was founded by GTA veteran Leslie Benzies after he left Rockstar North in 2016 over a $150 ($208) million royalty lawsuit against the studio. They announced Everywhere in 2017, but gave few concrete details about how the game actually played. Your social media accounts remain scarce except for the game logo images. Which is a bit of a concern if the game is due out in 2023 as planned.

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