Happy Health launches the first wearable device designed for your mind

The company announces $60 million in financing and a waiting list for the Happy
Ring, the first wearable designed for your mind.

austin, texas, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Happy Health is a mission-driven technology company committed to transforming mental health awareness through Happy Ring, the first wearable device designed to measure your stress and mood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Happy Health was co-founded by Sean Rad, Dustin Freckleton, Sue Smalley, paul bernsY Robert Nelson. Today, Happy Health announces a $60 million series-A round led by ARCH Venture Partners.

“We’re all experiencing more stress than ever, but we lack the tools to better understand and improve how we feel. And while there are plenty of wearable devices out there to help you on your fitness journey, they largely ignore the mind and its effect on your well-being.” The ability to measure and understand our emotional state will help us identify the habits that lead to better health,” said paul bernsCo-Founder and Chairman of Happy Health, CEO of ARCH Venture Partners.

Happy Ring works by measuring your stress, mood and sleep in real time; along with sensor-based insights and exercises to help you see what works for you, constantly guiding you on your journey to greater self-care. Happy Ring’s innovative technology uses custom-designed biometric sensors and proprietary adaptive AI, not found in other consumer devices, to capture brain signals from the peripheral nervous system and translate them into objective, real-time measures of mood.

We all use our camera phones to record the important moments in our lives. Now, with Happy Ring and the companion app, your phone can also show you what’s going on inside you and the impact of every moment in life.” said Dr. Dustin FreckletonCEO of Happy Health.

Happy Ring is based on decades of neurocognitive and psychoaffective research by brilliant engineers, neuroscientists, and clinical psychologists like Dr. jim hudziak, the Director of Clinical Sciences at Happy Health. As an internationally renowned physician and contributor to the DSM-IV, a version of the official diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association, he has contributed to diagnostic approaches in modern psychiatry and is well aware of the limitations of traditional approaches. In his role at Happy Health, Dr. Hudziak has helped guide the team toward objective, real-time, real-world measures of stress and emotional health.

Featuring a proprietary, custom-designed EDA sensor, Happy Ring measures sympathetic nervous system activation as it happens. The ring also has best-in-class sleep tracking accuracy and four skin electrodes, four wavelengths of light, three-axis motion tracking, and two temperature sensors. With groundbreaking brainwave data combined with biofeedback-enhanced self-awareness, Happy Ring is the only wearable device of its kind with unrivaled accuracy, proven to help users improve their daily routines.1

Happy Ring comes free with three different levels of low-cost membership. Depending on the duration of memberships, users can join for as little as $20 per month with monthly, yearly, or 24-month billing options. Each membership subscription includes everything you need to embark on your mental fitness journey, including sleep analysis and reporting, heart rate monitoring, guided breathing exercises, and CBT-backed diary prompts through the Happy app, which is conveniently syncs with Apple Health.

The Happy Ring is made from advanced medical-grade materials including a diamond-hard ceramic exterior and internal materials made from hypoallergenic resin with platinum electric pads. The ring is water and impact resistant and has a battery life of up to three days.

The Happy Ring will initially be available exclusively on the United States in sizes 6-12, and since every hand is different, Happy Health first sends customers a free sizing kit to ensure proper fit. For more information on Happy Ring or to join the waiting list, visit www.happyring.com.

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About Happy Health
Happy health is a austin, texasMission-driven technology company committed to transforming mental health awareness through Happy Ring, the first wearable device for your mind, measuring your stress and mood 24/7 .

On Dustin Freckleton
Dustin Freckleton, MD is co-founder and CEO of Happy Health. As a physician and serial entrepreneur, Freckleton works at the intersection of healthcare and wearable technology to help unlock a powerful future of personalized digital diagnostics and therapies. Freckleton’s previous wearable health company was acquired in 2019.

About SeanRad
Sean Rad is co-founder and CEO of Happy Health. Sean Rad He is also the founder of Tinder, the world’s largest social dating platform. Rad served as Tinder’s CEO from its inception in 2012 until 2016, when he stepped down and became president of the company.

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