HeroQuest is currently 25% off, so it’s time to play an absolute classic

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hero quest It is a good moment. Honestly, this cult classic dungeon crawler probably deserves a spot on our list of favorite board games. It plays like a stripped-down version of a tabletop RPG, allowing you to experience the fun bits of adventure and exploration, without getting bogged down by some of the deeper mechanics of something like Dungeons and Dragons.

while we love hero quest, it’s also quite expensive, with a recommended retail price of $259.95. The price is definitely guaranteed, considering that hero quest includes 65 detailed miniatures, but for some, it’s still a pretty big commitment.

But the good news is that you have already read the title of this article. If you head to eBay Australia, you can currently catch hero quest by $192.91. To get over 25% off this iconic dungeon crawler, you’ll need to use discount code “PLAU15” when checking out. Hurry, because the code expires on August 29.

In hero quest, up to four people play as one of four characters while completing one of the game’s 14 missions. Another takes on the role of the evil sorcerer, Zargon, who acts as the master of the game and is responsible for launching various nasty traps and beasts at players. When it comes to modern big box board games, Gloom Haven owes a lot to hero questand if you like the first, then there’s a good chance you’ll like the second.

hero quest board game
Image: Avalon Hill

hero questThe publishing history of is a bit strange. Originally released in 1989 by Milton Bradley and Games Workshop, the game received its last expansion in 1992 before going out of production. Until recently, the only way to play hero quest it was getting lucky and finding a cheap one at a vintage store, or paying outrageous prices for a good second-hand copy.

In late 2020, Hasbro launched a crowdfunding campaign for an updated version of hero quest. This revival edition hit its target in 24 hours and would then be released in 2021. And now in 2022, you can buy it while it’s on sale. The circle is complete.

You can take a copy of hero quest on sale for $192.91 here. And don’t forget to use the discount code “PLAU15“.

If you already have a copy of hero quest and you want to add to your quest, or you’re just a completionist, there are two expansion sets for sale on Amazon Australia:

Getting a little over $20 off each mission pack is pretty solid. Also, buying at a discount hero quest the game plus one of these expansions would still total less than the main game at full price.

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