Hooked On You: A Dating Sim Dead By Daylight

If there is something you did not expect from the dead by daylight developers and publishers it was for them to greenlight what was clearly an ironic side project as an officially supported product. Especially when you realize said side project is a comedic dating sim where you can befriend and fall in love with some of the game’s most notorious killers like Trapper and Huntress. Yet this is the world we live in, with Hooked On You: A Dating Sim Dead By Daylight being something that really exists, that is sold for money and that can be played with the blessing of Behavior Interactive. You know what’s even weirder in this whole situation? The fact that hooked on you Not all is bad…

Hooked on you, the huntress

I feel like she will kill me if I don’t support her anyway.

It’s pretty mind-boggling to realize that this actually exists. Seeing the Behavior Interactive logo once the game starts makes you think it’s going to be a AAA effort, but you’ll quickly get the same kind of audio-visual treatment you’d get from your average amateur dating sim flooding the Steam market. Simple music, no voice acting, static images, manga style character portraits with wacky poses, those really cheap looking text boxes that resemble the default presets from RPG creator, and so. That said, I have to admit: hooked on you features some incredibly well-drawn characters, even if they’re completely ridiculous if you know their original counterparts.

Hooked to you the spirit

I expected to be killed in this game. I didn’t expect to have an existential crisis.

However, you are not here for the images. You are not here for the little (good) music that is featured in this strange game. You are here because you want to witness the insanity that is the plot in a dating sim where you get to get naughty with a bunch of demonic serial killers enjoying a summer vacation on an island. Despite the limited amount of interactivity this title offers, I have to admit that I had a lot more fun with this intentionally silly dating sim than I could have ever expected.


I mean, the narrator is not lying. They are sexy.

It’s all about the level of humor and the quality of the writing. Hooked On You: A Dating Sim Dead By Daylight he knows he is foolish and makes the best of this situation. The killers are horny for you, the narrator speaks directly to you at all times, even the damn ocean is somehow self-aware and really passive aggressive with your decisions. Although the game is basically a bunch of text with occasional dialogue options to choose from, I was impressed by the sheer number of results available. Not only because of the number of eligible killers singles at your disposal, but also for the various endings you could get, depending on your actions. We are talking about dead by daylightafter all.

 Hooked on your corpse

However, you can’t get away with this particular rotten head.

know what to expect Hooked On You: A Dating Sim Dead By Daylight before jumping into it. This is an intentionally silly visual novel, with very limited interactivity and a simplistic (but engaging) presentation. You are here because you want to witness firsthand the fact that there is a dating sim backed by Behavior Interactive where you can date serial killers and monsters. Fortunately, the novelty aspect is not the only attractive factor in favor of this game. It’s funny, sarcastic and very well written. There is not much more that needs to be said. hooked on you is exactly what it sounds like. One of the weirdest games I’ve played this year, but I certainly don’t regret tackling it.

Although hooked on you It’s mainly made up of static images, I have to admit that everything is very well drawn.

There is not much gameplay. Despite being a dating simulator, hooked on you it features only the bare minimum of interactivity, enough to generate a handful of different outcomes, and limited plays as a result.

No voice acting and very few sound effects. It’s just a bunch of catchy music. Not much catchy music, but catchy nonetheless.

Even though it looks and feels overly buff, I feel like this was one of the things he did hooked on you so lovely. It’s a good distraction for some games, even if it’s more than basic. The mere fact that it exists is already a joke in itself.

Final verdict: 7.0

Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is out now on PC.

Reviewed on PC.

The publisher provided a copy of Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim.

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