How does Warzone Season 5 Doomsday Station work?

Warzone Season 5, The Last Stand, will be the final Call of Duty Vanguard season for the game. The new Doomsday Station that players can use in the game has brought a lot of new content.

The Doomsday Station is one of the most interesting additions to the game and can greatly benefit the player using it. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Doomsday station.

Everything important about Doomsday Station in Warzone

The Doomsday Device puts the player in an area defense minigame. It pits the player against waves of AI soldiers, helicopters, and possibly other enemy players to prevent their position from being overrun.

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With such a high intensity and volume of enemies, this minigame doesn’t seem like a viable option for new players. Also, one of the prerequisites for activating these Doomsday devices is that the player must be in possession.

Also, while this minigame seems to resemble the cash-out mode from Season 4, it definitely isn’t.

Only one Doomsday Station appears per game. Station rewards can be looted not only by the player who activated it, but also by others. While you have an objective marker, your spawn location can be any of the many Doomsday Station spawn locations on the Warzone map.

There is also a prerequisite in the minigame. When activating the Station, the player must be in possession of $10,000. As such, this minigame can be considered somewhat of a high-risk, high-reward minigame. With an investment of not so small amount, some return on investment should be expected.

While the full list of rewards is not available, it is confirmed that players will receive extremely powerful weapons. In addition, they will also get a permanent clock cosmetic.

More about Season 5 of Call of Duty Warzone

The latest season of Call of Duty Warzone has surely caught the attention of the community. Raven Software is not stopping with any content to add to the season. With many more items in the game such as Rage Serum and Supply Box UAV.

There will also be a new limited time event called Operation Last Call, and it features two factions. The season brought back several previous notable antagonists from the Call of Duty franchise. Returning characters include Al-Asad from Modern Warfare, Raul Menendez from Black Ops 2, Rorke from Ghosts, and Seraph from Black Ops 3.

The move to bring back characters from different timelines and universes to this season of Warzone has certainly rustled some feathers. Also, the inclusion of futuristic weaponry in a WWII-themed shooter seems outrageous to a section of the community.

This will be the last season of the game before the release of its long-awaited sequel, Warzone 2. It has been highly anticipated as leaks point to it being much more optimized than its predecessor. The sequel is also rumored to have a FOV slider for all consoles.

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