“How is that not crossed out?”

In the continuing saga of Hershel’s “Dr DisRespect” vs. Call of Duty: Warzone, the community saw another fun encounter between the two. During a recent live stream, the streaming phenomenon questioned how the latest Heroes vs. Warzone’s Villain made it to the final cut, taking a few photos from the developers along the way.

The Warzone Pacific Season 5 update marks the biggest alteration for the battle royale title before the official launch of the highly anticipated Warzone 2 and of course Modern Warfare 2. From the Caldera revamp to the inclusion of an entirely new concept Called Heroes Vs. Villain, the developers have shaken up the title in a pretty big way, giving it a new look.

However, despite all the changes and new features, Dr DisRespect isn’t a fan thanks to the new Caldera event that brought some of the franchise’s most iconic villains back to Warzone. Calling out to the development team why he was approved in the first place, the two-time champion lamented:

“How come that doesn’t get crossed off the board right away?”

Dr DisRespect Brutally Roasts the Warzone Season 5 Heroes vs. Villains Event

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Dr DisRespect is one of the Call of Duty franchise’s most loyal players but also one of its harshest critics.

Despite claiming that he had left Warzone for good a few weeks earlier, the YouTube sensation returned to try the new season update. More specifically, he wanted to see the Heroes vs. Villain that everyone talks about.

For those unaware, the event involves choosing a side, either Heroes or Villains, to collect tokens that drop from supply boxes during the match. Therefore, the more tokens players collect, the better the rewards they will receive when the event ends.

After receiving a glowing red and blue token during his loot, Doc couldn’t help but question the developers’ decision to implement such an event in the Season 5 update. This is especially concerning as it’s supposed to be the last big change before of the arrival of Warzone 2.

Expressing his annoyance at the whole concept of the event, Doc lamented:

“Just the concept of these, you know, oh… How does that get out of the boardroom? You know, how does it not get crossed off the board right away? But actually, it’s searched, built and implemented In the game.”

After this brief tirade, the two-time champion received another set of glowing red and blue tokens that came out of his supply box, further increasing his disapproval of the idea. Clearly, the powerhouse of YouTube is not impressed with the execution of the Heroes vs. Villain.

Social media reacts to Dr. DisRespect’s take on the event and Warzone

The live streaming clip has managed to garner over 20,000 views and hundreds of comments on YouTube alone. While most seem to agree with what Herschel said regarding the poor state of Warzone, some even mocked him for constantly returning to the battle royale title despite being furious at it every day.

Here’s what fans had to say:

Social media reacts to Dr. DisRespect's opinion (Image via The2Time/YouTube)
Social media reacts to Dr. DisRespect’s opinion (Image via The2Time/YouTube)
Social media reacts to Dr. DisRespect's opinion (Image via The2Time/YouTube)
Social media reacts to Dr. DisRespect’s opinion (Image via The2Time/YouTube)

Dr DisRespect has also criticized Warzone in the past

In particular, this is not the first time that Dr. DisRespect has criticized Warzone for its poor execution tactics. Just a couple of days ago, the streaming giant took to its live stream to criticize Warzone for its flawed audio design and even made a bold claim about the future of Warzone 2 and how it’s doomed in a month.

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Now, with Warzone 2 launching in just a couple of months, the community is excited to get a taste of a completely different take on the Call of Duty franchise. Hopefully the sequel will be able to deliver what Dr. DisRespect has been looking for in Warzone this time around.

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