How to get the Fortnite Dead Game skin

Words Fortnite and Dead Game are almost synonymous for some gamers around the world. Weather Fortnite it still sees new users every day, many people consider it a dead game because they feel the game is outdated. While the game’s obsolescence is up for debate, Fortnite is anything but a dead game and offers a new skin.

To throw these rumors to the wind, Epic Games introduced a new skin featuring the Fortnite Update V21.50. Although it is known by a completely different name, the community dubbed it the Fortnite Dead Game skin. This is because the words “Dead Game” are printed on the skin shirt.

Here’s everything you need to know about it Fortnite Dead game skin.

Fortnite Dead Game Skin: everything you need to know

First, as mentioned above, the skin in question has a completely different name. Known as Veronika, this skin is one of the few skins that Epic Games added with the recent Fortnite update. That said, you may not be able to pick up this skin right away. Popular data miners believe that Veronika will be included in a new starter pack.

Starter packs are very interesting, especially for new players. They contain a new skin and its associated cosmetics, along with some V-Bucks. The only downside is that you can’t spend V-Bucks to buy the Fortnite Dead game skin. If it is indeed part of a starter pack, you will need to purchase it with real money.

The starter pack skins have never made it to the Item Shop outside of their packs, so don’t get your hopes up too high. Also, the skin is not yet alive. It’s just in the files for now. Since this is the final update for this season, the Fortnite The Dead Game skin should be available in the next few days. There is a high probability that Epic Games will use this skin for the Chapter 3 Season 4 Starter Pack as well.

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The community is unlikely to stop at dead game tweets. People had done it when the game was in its heyday, and continue to do it even now. Epic Games is using this to their advantage and looking to make money from these tweets, albeit indirectly. So far, the community has reacted positively to this skin. It will be interesting to see how they react once the skin is alive.

Until then, loopers, let the meme fest begin!

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