How to Get the Point-Contact Cannon Brace Exotic Armor

Bungie has introduced some new Exotics with the Destiny 2 Season of Plunder update. Although the season generally follows a pirate theme, the Exotics introduced during the season deviate from the theme. These Exotics are powerful in their own way, and there are different ways Guardians can obtain these items in the game.

Point-Contact Cannon Brace is an Exotic designed for Titans only. The intrinsic perk of this armor piece can work very well with the current Arc 3.0 rework in Destiny 2. This is how Guardians can get this Exotic in-game.

Acquiring the Point Contact Cannon Mount in Destiny 2 Season 18

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Like most exotic armor pieces in the game, the Point Contact Cannon Brace in Destiny 2 Season 18 does not have a specific quest associated with it. Instead, it can be acquired by completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors.

It will be available as long as the Exotic Arms armor is on rotation. However, this exotic armor will only drop if Guardians have managed to complete a Legend or Master Lost Sector solo.

The Legend and Master Lost Sectors reset daily. Therefore, Guardians will have to wait until the next time this piece is in rotation if they can’t pick it up this time. Since it’s an exotic that works well with the Arc 3.0 subclass, this item could rotate a bit more often.

The intrinsic advantage of the “Hammer of the Gods”

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The intrinsic perk on this exotic armor is known as the Hammer of the Gods. Here is the description of this benefit:

“Defeating targets with your melee Thunderclap restores melee energy. Targets near you when you use your Thunderclap suffer lightning strikes; being amplified increases the range of these lightning strikes.”

Like the Assassin’s Hood, the Point Contact Cannon Clamp can be expected to work very well with the Thunderclap melee ability. When a Titan defeats a target with his Thunderclap melee, he receives a full refund of his melee energy, allowing him to chain continuous melee attacks.

Not only that, whenever an enemy is hit with the melee thunder, the bolts also hit other targets in the area. If a Titan is amplified, the range of these beams is increased.

This exotic is useful when engaging in endgame content like Raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls. Since the Raid Race is currently underway and the Titan class is buggy at the moment, Guardians may not be able to use this exotic while running the raid for the first 24 hours.

Once the bugs have been ironed out, there is a chance that many Titan builds will feature the Point-Contact Cannon Brace as the focal point of the builds. While this exotic can be truly deadly in Destiny 2 PvE activities, it can also hold its own in PvP.

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