How to get the VTOL jet plane

Volition’s Saints Row reboot is packed with quests and activities. The open world of Holy Unharmed offers tons of great gameplay opportunities for players to wreak havoc using twisted weapons and vehicles.

The game was heavily criticized for its lifeless open world, dated mission design, and unsavory characters.

One thing it did get right, though, is its side content, like Criminal Ventures, and the plethora of exciting rewards players can earn while interacting with them.

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The reboot also sees the return of some of the series’ staples, like the Insurance Fraud mission, as well as vehicles like the VTOL jet plane.

The VTOL jet has been a part of the Saints Row franchise since the third game and has appeared in every mainline entry ever since. This guide will explain how players can unlock it in Saints Row (2022).

The VTOL jet is unlocked after the final main story mission in Saints Row (2022)

As in the previous games in the series, the VTOL jet plane in Saints Row (2022) can hover like a helicopter and fly very fast like a jet plane. It also has offensive capabilities, with laser and rocket weapons that have infinite ammo, allowing players to deal serious damage.

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Although the jet plane is truly outclassed, players will not get their hands on it before as it is only unlocked after the final mission of the game’s main story.

Obtaining the VTOL jet plane also requires players to have unlocked Saints Tower, which grants them a second helipad in the game. This allows players to summon the jet plane and fly around Holy Unharmed in style.

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This is how players can unlock the VTOL jet plane:

  • Finish the final mission of the main story campaign, called Showdown.
  • The VTOL jet plane is unlocked as a reward for completing the mission.
  • Retrieve the VTOL jet plane from the helipad at HQ.

The VTOL jet plane in Saints Row (2022) is called the MDI 921V and it is the only plane in the entire game. VTOL stands for Vertical Takeoff and Landing.

The plane has two modes. The first is hover mode, which allows for better handling and maneuvering. The second is jet mode, which allows players to pilot the vehicle at breakneck speeds through the skies of Santo Ileso.

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The VTOL jet plane’s movement controls are fairly simple and haven’t changed since its inception in the third main title. Here are all the control inputs for the VTOL jet plane:


  • WSAD(PC)
  • left stick (Xbox)
  • Left Stick (PlayStation)

Switch between modes:

  • Shift key (PC)
  • B button (Xbox)
  • Circle Button (PlayStation)

Take off:

  • Space bar (PC)
  • One button (Xbox)
  • Cross Button (PlayStation)


  • Ctrl key (PC)
  • X-Button (Xbox)
  • Square Button (PlayStation)

Shooting lasers:

  • Left Click (PC)
  • Right Trigger (Xbox)
  • R2 (PlayStation)

Firing Missiles:

  • Right Click (PC)
  • Left Trigger (Xbox)
  • L2 (PlayStation)

The VTOL jet plane is one of the best vehicles that players can unlock in Saints Row (2022). It easily outperforms other special vehicles in the game in terms of speed and offensive capabilities. Players should definitely not miss out on the fun of flying around Santo Ileso in the jet plane.

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Saints Row (2022) is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Edited by Rachel Syemlieh

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