How to Make Art Posts in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 has bought back a fan-favorite feature from its predecessor: the ability to draw and share artwork with players in-game.

These art posts are quick, easy to make, and can liven up your in-game presence when participating in Splatfest. Because of this, you’ll probably want to get into the action as soon as possible, and luckily, you can do everything you need to do right from the start.

To get you started drawing, here’s everything you need to know about creating and publishing artwork on Splatoon 3.

How to make art posts in Splatoon 3

Screenshot via Nintendo

To post on Splatoon 3, you’ll need to do a couple of things first. If you’re not part of a Splatfest team, you can’t use the drawing feature. Let’s start with that.

  • The first thing you’ll want to do is pick one of the three Splatfest teams: paper, scissors, or rock.
  • Once a team has been selected and you’ve regained access to your character in the home world, head to the right until you see a red mailbox. (This is located in front of the three gear shops)
  • Interact with the mailbox and choose Splatfest Post.
  • Once selected, you will be taken to the drawing menu where you can create your creation.
  • When you’re done, simply press “-” to save and exit, or if you prefer, press “+” to link and post your art to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Other players will now see your artwork when they approach you in-game.
Screenshot via Nintendo

When you’re drawing, the controls are listed at the top of the screen and should be simple. Using L and R will zoom in and out so you can get the detail you want and ZL and LR are used for undo and redo, in case you need to correct any mistakes.

Drawing on the handheld is preferable, as you can use the touch screen to use your finger or stylus, but you can also draw on the dock, simply by using the left stick.

It is worth noting that you can only have one splatoon drawing live at any time.

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