How to play your Steam, Epic Games and Ubisoft titles on the free version of NVIDIA GeForce NOW

You’ve heard about how GeForce NOW lets you play through the magic of streaming many modern games that your current PC can’t handle. But how?

Let’s see how you can install GeForce NOW on your PC and connect your Steam, Epic Games or Ubisoft accounts. The result? Smooth performance and top notch visuals even on a mid-tier PC, all thanks to the almighty power of The Cloud!

Install NVIDIA GeForce NOW

NVIDIA drivers may come with some baggage, but GeForce NOW is not among them. So even if you’re using one of NVIDIA’s GPUs, you still need to download the GeForce NOW client separately to use the service.

To do that:

  • Visit NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW download page.
  • Choose the version for the platform you’ll be using it on (we’re looking at Windows in this article).
  • Download and install it on your device.

Please note that we will not cover the installation of GeForce NOW as it is no different from other applications.

Connect your gaming services

To use GeForce NOW, you’ll first need to deal with those pesky modern gaming annoyances known as “accounts.”

Get started with NVIDIA account:

  • After running the GeForce NOW client, click the Log in button at the top right.
  • Choose your existing account to sign in to the service. If you don’t have one, click join today below and to the right, and continue to create an account.

Continue with your game accounts:

  • When you log in and return to the main GeForce NOW window, direct your attention to the first thumbnailed entry there. Click on it to Connect your store accounts.

  • You will see the GeForce NOW settings page. You’ll find a list of game stores that you can “connect” to your GeForce account in the upper right section. Connect all of them where you own some games to bring (some of them) to your GeForce Library. You will see instructions from NVIDIA or each store on how to do this. Note that the process differs between them.

After the above, you will find your (supported) games in the GeForce NOW library. However, it is better to delay the game and check the rest of the GeForce NOW settings.

Despite some limitations in the free tier of GeForce NOW, you can configure some options to find your sweet spot between quality and performance. So before you leave your Settings page, it’s worth reviewing the following.

server location

You can manually change your server if you feel that GeForce NOW did not select the optimal one.

It’s best to leave it as it is and only occasionally click test network to make sure you are connected to the best server for your location.

Transmission quality

The options under Transmission quality allows you to choose how much bandwidth you want to dedicate to GeForce NOW. You can choose between three plans:

  • Balanced is a good compromise between bandwidth consumption and acceptable quality.
  • Data Saver increases video compression and reduces graphical fidelity and frame rate to deliver a smooth gaming experience with limited bandwidth.
  • The competition pushes bandwidth limits to deliver higher fidelity and smoother motion.

you can click Custom and change the basic parameters “behind” each plan to create your ideal game streaming scenario. Theoretically, you can change the resolution, frame rate, V-Sync, etc. In practice, this customization is also limited in the free tier, so feel free to skip it.

In-game graphics settings

Most games today offer in-game settings to adjust their visuals. As we mentioned, if you’re using the free tier of GeForce NOW, don’t waste your time with them.

After meticulously customizing each option, you’ll find that they will revert to their default settings. Unless, of course, you’re on a paid membership plan. Those look even more appealing today, as GeForce NOW offers sharp 4K RTX 3080 visuals.

Presence rich in discord

GeForce NOW is compatible with Discord rich presenceso you can tell all your contacts what game you’re in when you should be working.

For a deeper dive into GeForce NOW settings, be sure to check out our guide on how to get the best streaming quality with GeForce NOW.

Access GeForce NOW Libraries and Filtering

With GeForce NOW set up, you’re ready to enjoy top-tier gaming over streaming.

  • To choose Games from the menu on the left to view your (supported) games library (which, as a reminder, features titles from all the stores you’ve connected to GeForce NOW).

  • GeForce NOW Games The page also shows titles you don’t already own. To see only the titles you own and can play, click the See everything button at the top right of My library.

  • If you can’t decide what to play, maybe filtering your selection could help. Use GeForce NOW filtering options. Click the filter button at the top right of your window and you’ll see a sidebar appear on the right. Change the filters there if you want to see the titles of a certain digital store, Genderetc.

Does a particular title sound appealing and you’d like to try it out? Well, there is nothing else to worry about, you are all set! Now you can just…

Play your Steam, Epic Games and Ubisoft titles

Playing any of the listed titles is simple: just double click on it and enjoy your gaming session!

However, keep in mind that you may have to wait a while in a queue for your turn.

You can skip that delay by switching to a paid plan. Still, the wait is usually short, so it doesn’t end up bothering you.

And if you ever run into a weird issue when trying to start GeForce NOW, don’t worry. Check out our article on how to fix GeForce NOW error code 0x0000F004 on Windows for possible solutions to one of the most common issues with NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service.

GeForce NOW delivers high-quality gaming effortlessly

As we’ve seen, by bringing all supported games from your existing game libraries to GeForce NOW, you’ll have easy access to the best titles from most of your various game libraries. What’s better, you’ll be able to play most of them on the equivalent of High settings, regardless of your hardware specs.

Yes, you will have to endure a game session time limit and a queue until you play. Also, the best RTX tier graphics and all related settings are locked behind the paid tiers.

Still, nothing beats the feeling when, thanks to the magic of game streaming, you first play a favorite triple-A modern title at high settings and a steady 60 FPS on a decade-plus unpowered potato.

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