How to repair broken Elemental Monument in Sumeru: Genshin Impact puzzle guide

Genshin Impact 3.0 has brought the launch of the massive Sumeru region, with players gaining access to tons of new puzzles to solve and secrets to discover.

One of these tricky puzzles involves repairing a broken Elemental Monument in the region, and several of these damaged Elemental Monuments can be found throughout Sumeru. Repairing these monuments can take a long time, as players will need to complete a lengthy world quest to access the fix.

Fans can find out how they can repair these broken elemental monuments here and get tons of additional loot throughout Sumeru.

Genshin Impact: How to Repair Broken Elemental Monuments

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To repair broken elemental monuments in Genshin Impact 3.0, players will first need to complete a long list of world quests that start with the Woodland Encounter quest.

These quests are part of the Aranyaka World Quest chain, and the quest that allows players to repair the monuments is known as the Agnihotra Sutra. Travelers can find this quest to the east of Gandharva Ville, where three hermit mercenaries can be seen standing around a pot.

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The Genshin Impact quest comes as the third part of the Aranyaka quest series, and fans will need to complete the first two quests before gaining access to the Agnihotra Sutra. During the course of the Agnihotra Sutra, players will gain access to an item known as Kusava.

This fruit is a gadget that can be equipped and temporarily houses Aranara’s memories. Equipping the Kusava allows players to repair broken monuments by activating the device and following the on-screen input.

The Kusava in action (Image via Wow Quests/YouTube)
The Kusava in action (Image via Wow Quests/YouTube)

Equipping the Kusava will replace the player’s elemental ability with an aiming reticle that will release Aranakin after the button is released. Aranakin will then search for a nearby object to interact with and repair a broken Elemental Monument if he comes across one.

However, this is far from a permanent fix, as players can complete the Aranakin quest line to obtain a new sheet music that provides the Rhythm of Revival song.

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This song allows players to repair broken monuments with their Vintage Lyre, saving them the need to summon Aranakin to fix them. This also works much faster, saving players time when they need to finish their puzzles. Obtaining this sheet music will definitely be of great help while exploring Sumeru, as many of these monuments hide some incredible treasures.

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Fans should know that they will need a Dendro character in their party to activate the totems once they are finally fixed. Totems usually hide chests that can be acquired once activated, which will help players collect extra Primogems and a ton of extra Dendro Sigils for the Tree of Dreams.

Players will want to make sure they complete this quest as soon as possible in order to collect all of the Dendro Land bounties in Genshin Impact 3.0.

The new puzzles in Genshin Impact 3.0 may seem complicated initially, but once players have the right tools for the job, they’re quick and easy.

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