How to turn off stand-up time notifications on an Apple Watch

You can disable notifications in just a few steps.

The Apple Watch features a host of health and fitness features. One of the most popular are activity rings that allow users to aim for a number of calories burned, minutes of exercise, and standing for at least one minute per hour.

To help you remember to stand up, Apple Watch features stand-up time notifications. If you’ve been sitting for the first 50 minutes of an hour, you’ll get a notification to stand up for at least one minute to earn credit for your Stand ring. But many find those notifications annoying.

We’ll show you how to turn off Time to Stand notifications.

Two ways to turn off time to stand notifications

There are two quick ways to turn off stand-up time notifications.

The first way is on your Apple Watch. Start by pressing the Digital Crown once. If you’re interested, find out what the Digital Crown and Side Button can do on your Apple Watch.

Then go to Settings and then scroll down to Exercise. Select that and uncheck Support Reminders. In the same menu, you can also select to turn off a number of other activity-related notifications, such as goal achievements, special challenges, and more.

Alternatively, you can also turn off Standing Time Notifications on your iPhone. Open the Watch companion app and go to the My watch tab. Scroll down and choose Exercise. Just like on Apple Watch, you can turn off Support Reminders and other related notifications.

Just to note, even after you disable the Time to Stand notification, the Apple Watch will continue to record your hours standing.

As a nice touch, all activity goals, including your booth hours, are customizable. Learn how to change activity goals on your Apple Watch.

Less is more with Apple Watch notifications

One of the advantages of the Apple Watch is the large number of customization options, so you will only see the information and notifications that are important to you.

So if you’re not a fan of Time to Stand notifications, you can turn them off with just a few taps.

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