How to unlock Vanarana Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 3.0 has introduced tons of new systems, and the Vanarana Tree of Dreams is one of the most useful. This massive tree allows players to redeem their Dendro Sigils for various awesome rewards, including Mora, Level Up Materials, and even Wishes.

Fans will want to make sure they unlock the tree as soon as they can to start collecting all the rewards it can provide. However, unlocking this tree can take some time and players can start unlocking it after entering Sumeru.

Genshin Impact: Unlock Vanarana Dream Tree

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Unlocking the Vanarana Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact requires users to complete some World Quest lines that can take a long time to complete. They are worth completing though, as the tree’s rewards are immense and can provide tons of items to avid explorers of Sumeru.

Starting the quest to unlock this tree first requires players to unlock Vanarana. Here are the steps to open the path to this huge tree within Sumeru:

Encounter in the woods part 1

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The first step to unlocking the Tree of Dreams is to complete Woodland Encounter. This Genshin Impact questline can be found in Aranyaka, and it’s quite a long one, as it takes the Traveler through Sumeru as they interact with various characters while trying to help an NPC named Rana.

Rana can be found to the west of Gandharva Ville, and users can start the quest line by saving her from an attack. After finishing this quest, you will need to complete another set of quests before the tree becomes available.

nursery of dreams

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Dream Nursery is the second part of the Aranyaka world quests, and it will start automatically once Woodland Encounter is completed. This series of Genshin Impact quests will take players to the foot of the Tree of Dreams, although it is also quite long.

Throughout the quest, they will start a quest known as During Trees and Dreams, which will unlock the Dendro Statue of the Seven. Interacting with this statue will reveal and unlock Vanarana and the Tree of Dreams.

find the tree

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Once Vanarana is unlocked, users need to head northeast from Dendro’s Statue of the Seven until they locate a large cavern. Traveling through the cavern will lead you to a huge opening in its depths where the Tree of Dreams awaits.

Interacting with the Tree of Dreams will prompt you to provide your Dendro Sigils to it, and the tree will provide you with awesome rewards in return.

Fans will want to make sure they complete these questlines and locate the tree to get the most out of their journey in Sumeru.

Each reward tier will require 35 Sigils, which can be found throughout the region, so players should start hunting once the tree is unlocked.

Genshin Impact 3.0 provides players with many opportunities to collect rewards, and the Tree of Dreams is one of the best ways to collect precious items.

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