If you thought Elden Ring made you sweat before, try playing it with a DDR mousepad

And now for a story that feels appropriate for a Friday afternoon: Let’s talk about elden ring Y RDA.

After complete elden ring one-handed, and then again in a one-handed All Rememberance run, Twitch streamer MissMikkaa has found a new challenge.

She is changing the script and now she will complete elden ring with his feet, exchanging his controller for a Dance Dance Revolution mat. Obviously, the standard DDR mouse pad is not a perfect match for elden ringcontrols of . Moving the camera, for example, still has to be done via PC.

The new control scheme has proven to be a challenge when it comes to navigating the platforming sections or when filled with enemies. Mikkaa also literally has to shake and move to avoid incoming blows, tap-dancing on the surface of the mat to keep her character moving. Despite the challenge, it hasn’t slowed Mikkaa’s progress in the slightest. She has already cut through Godrick, Rykard, Morgott, and Radahn on her journey to the easternmost point of the map.

Here is a video of Mikkaa in a recent race. Listen to all this tippy-tapping going on.

Now all that remains to be seen is how he plans to outdo Malenia. I have to imagine attempting one of the toughest fights in elden ring on a dance mat you’ll look like a DDR pro looking 100% clear in Paranoia Survivor. Man, I miss seeing people blow up on a DDR machine in real life. We should bring them back.

MissMikkaa’s game is ongoing and you can follow her on her Twitch channel right here.

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