Instagram tests that allow you to mark posts in Explore as ‘Not Interested’

an illustration of instagram posts, some marked as not interested

Instagram is testing a new feature that will let users mute words, phrases, and emoji from captions and hashtags, and another that it says will offer an easier way to clean up the Explore tab.

Instagram announced today that it is testing several new features, all aimed at giving users more control over what they see in the app. The setting would allow users to mute specific words, phrases, and emojis. The other addition will offer an easier way to clean the Explore tab.

The option works on both captions and hashtags, and while it might seem reminiscent of Twitter’s mute setting at first glance, it’s a bit more extreme. According to the Meta blog post announcing the test, there doesn’t appear to be a way to temporarily mute items.

“Whether you’re watching something that isn’t relevant or you’ve left something you liked, you can use this feature to stop watching content you’re not interested in,” the post reads.

Essentially, think of it as a complete purge rather than a way to avoid spoilers.

While users can note which posts they are not interested in in the Explore tab, this could be a tedious process as they can only do this for one image or video at a time. The new Explore page will have an icon next to the search bar that will allow users to make changes to the page, either by flagging items that users are not interested in or noting sensitive content.

In the blog post, parent company Meta reminded users that they can also take notes on what they like to watch, which can hopefully lead to better results in feeds.

This test also comes after Instagram said last week that it will make the most restrictive display option the default for new users under the age of 16. And that news came after a lot of information about how harmful Instagram can be for young people (and people in general). ).

However, it’s unclear exactly who the test is being rolled out to, how long it will run, or if this will become a permanent change. In the meantime, it might be worth reviewing and reassessing what to watch on the platform.

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