Intel ARC A380 can now mine Ethereum but it’s not very good at it

Intel Arc A380 now supports Ethereum mining

The developer of Nanominer has now added support for Intel Arc GPUs, effectively providing the first working solution for crypto mining on discrete Intel GPUs.

Intel Arc A380 in ETC mining, Source: Red Panda Mining

The new software has already been tested by cryptominers and confirms the claims of the nanominer developers. The Arc A380 can deliver a hashrate of 10.2 MH/s without any optimization. With a typical power consumption of 75W (measured during testing), that’s not perfect mining performance, it’s actually even worse than the GTX 1660 series. The card has a limited memory bus (96 bits) and a relatively low number of cores (8 Xe-Cores). This puts the A380 at a typical 0.136 MH/s per watt, which is well below the 0.38 MH/s average for the most popular GPUs on the market.

Depending on the configuration, the Arc A380 may not mine Ethereum (ETH), only Ethereum Classic (ETC). This is because the DAG size for Ethereum is 5,127 MB, while the available VRAM for A380 is 4,832 MB. The card offers 6 GB of VRAM, but if it is used as the main GPU, the operating system will consume resources that would otherwise be used for the DAG file.

Intel Arc A380 in ETC mining, Source: Red Panda Mining

However, it should be noted that the Ethereum classes will switch to Proof-of-Stake mode sometime between September 10 and 20, which means that GPU mining for this cryptocurrency will not be possible anyway. Miners will switch to altcoins like Ethereum Classic (ETC), which Red Panda Mining demonstrated in a video linked below.

Arc A380 ETH mining software, Source: Nanominer

Source: Nanominer, Red Panda Mining

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