Is it a chameleon? No, it’s LG’s color-changing refrigerator.

It is a fact that at least some of us have been bored with the uniformity in the appearance of our refrigerator from time to time. Perhaps our dissatisfaction was passed on to the design engineers with LG Electronics. The good folks have now come up with a refrigerator whose door can change, wait, its color.

At IFA 2022 in Berlin, LG unveiled a refrigerator that features self-luminous door panels that can change color and play music with a simple tap on LG’s own smart home solution mobile app. Part of LG’s high-end Objet collection, the new French-door MoodUP refrigerator has customizable panels.

You can also match the mood with the music.

LG Mood UP

(Image credit: LG Electronics)

The refrigerator doors are basically LED panels, and their color can be changed through LG’s ThinQ app. LG said the refrigerator comes with 22 different color options for the top door panel and 19 color options for the bottom section. Users can also customize the appearance of the panels and refresh the mood by applying various color themes, including Season, Place, Mood and Pop. With the LED door panels off, the refrigerator offers a Lux Gray and Lux ​​Gray color scheme. Lux White.

LG’s new refrigerator also delivers great sound through a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be easily connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Users can match their mood, or the current color or theme of the fridge, to the songs they choose from their favorite streaming music apps or the Music Collection playlist in the ThinQ app. When the speaker is playing audio, MoodUP’s LED panels can change colors in sync with the music.

LG Mood UP

(Image credit: LG Electronics)

LG’s new refrigerator also offers colorful notifications. When the refrigerator door sensor detects that the refrigerator compartment has been left open for too long, the left open door panel flashes repeatedly. When MoodUP’s motion sensors detect someone approaching, both panels flash in welcome. Freezer door glows brighter to help midnight snackers find and open the door.

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