JBL establishes its new bar line with more soundbars with detachable rear speakers

JBL is launching a quartet of new Atmos-enabled soundbars for the fall, and two of them have battery-powered wireless rear speakers that quickly fold out for a neat home theater setup. When you’re not watching a movie, the speakers can be attached to the sides of the new soundbars for recharging.

The flagship JBL Bar 1000 is an 11.1-channel performer that includes four upward-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos 3D sound. It also has a wireless subwoofer and supports DTS:X 3D surround sound.

JBL built a very similar version of the soundbar called the Bar 9.1 in 2020 that also had the cool trick of the removable rear speaker. But the new JBL Bar 1000 adds two more drivers for a 7.1.4 array and boosts the power output to 880W compared to the Bar 9.1’s 820W.

There is no need to connect speakers or power cables to the rear satellites, which is convenient for smaller spaces or rentals where cables cannot be installed.
Image: JBL

The JBL Bar 1000 will retail for $1,149, and the company is also launching a cheaper $899 version called the Bar 800. This version has 7.1 channels, without two of the upward-firing speakers. Both soundbars will ship this December.

For those who just want something that’s better than the TV’s built-in speakers, JBL is also launching the Bar 500 and Bar 300. Both use virtual “Multibeam” technology to achieve Dolby Atmos, but they don’t have rear or upward firing. real. Speakers.

Like the more expensive options, you can stream music to these soundbars with AirPlay 2, Alexa MRM, and Chromecast, and they can be controlled with your preferred voice assistant-enabled device. All new soundbars use JBL’s PureVoice technology that optimizes dialog clarity and connect to the JBL One app, enabling equalization adjustments and music platform integration.

The Bar 500 includes a wireless subwoofer and will cost $649. The Bar 300 opts to have a space-saving built-in subwoofer and will cost $399. Like the Bar 1000 and 800, these will also ship this December.

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